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Extended Warranties, Are They Worth The Money?

Have you been bombarded with calls about your car warranty?  Why are these companies so aggressive and most importantly is an extended warranty worth it?  

Who better to answer those questions than your local auto shop? If you live in Truckee, North Lake Tahoe, Homewood, Auburn, Tahoe City, Kings Beach or Incline Village, you can depend on honest answers and service solutions from Quality Automotive Servicing.   


Why are those Robo callers so persistent ? 

Extended warranty companies are playing off the mood and fears of people who are likely to be experiencing financial stress right now. They want to remind you, with an annoying number of calls, that you are vulnerable to the high cost of car repair.  This is Fear Marketing 101. Before you are worn down and actually press one to speak with a representative, AKA salesperson on commission, there are some things that should be considered. 

  1. Insurance companies claim that they want to protect you against unexpected future expense. At Quality Automotive Servicing, our professional team knows that the best way to avoid unexpected repair cost is to invest in smart preventative maintenance. Instead of paying money for insurance if your vehicle brakes down, choose to be pro-active and invest in 3/6 maintenance.  You'll get more for your money with a healthy running vehicle and avoid the hassle of negotiating with an insurance company.  
  2. About 2/3 of people purchasing an extended warranty never use it.  Nothing like throwing money to the wind.  Put that money toward smart maintenance and achieve what the warranty company can not deliver; a vehicle that runs longer, performs better and has a higher resale value. 
  3. Extended warranty companies don’t have quality in mind. They set the price for the repair which may force you to travel further away for a less-than-complete repair.  You may have to visit a shop that is not qualified to service your vehicle. 


The team at Quality Automotive Servicing in Truckee, CA know that attention to car maintenance is the best way to avoid a costly repair. With QAS as your partner in auto care, you can keep your vehicle performing it’s best and be apprised of further maintenance that is needed for mountain-driven vehicles.  You can avoid the hassle of unexpected and expensive repairs entirely when you invest in smart preventative maintenance.  

Our advice is to skip the middleman and instead of handing over you cash to an insurance company, put it toward maintenance and drive with confidence.   

Quality Automotive Servicing is a local, trustworthy shop that you can depend on for thorough and complete service.  With service solutions and smart maintenance,  you will keep your mountain-driven performing at it’s best and avoid dangerous roadside troubles.  Talk to a friendly service advisor or make an appointment on-line.  Call us at 530-587-1933 or get to know us on-line at www.QualityAutomotiveServicing.com