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Five Things to Know About Your Oil Change Sticker

Keeping up on regular oil changes is one of the most important things you can do for your vehicle. To make it easy to remember when an oil change is needed refer to the “reminder” sticker in the upper left of your windshield. This will prompt you to make an appointment for oil service at Your Trusted Local Auto Care in Truckee. Here are five things the sticker is telling you.

  1. Premium Oil & Filters: Quality Automotive Servicing uses high quality Valvoline oil and oil filters. There are cheaper products out there, but for best performance and engine longevity we choose Valvoline.
  2. Synth = Synthetic: Synthetic oils are a better product for your vehicle and the rigorous driving in our mountain environment. Synthetic oil performs better at high temperatures and has longer change intervals which will save you time and money. Plus, there is less oil waste going to landfills.
  3. Oil Grade: The grade of oil used for your vehicle is also indicted on the sticker. This is an important piece of information as it’s imperative to use the correct oil for your specific vehicle. Performance vehicles and Euro imports require a specific oil also that is only available at a shop that specializes in these brands.
  4. Save on repair bills: Quality Automotive Servicing offers an oil service, not just an oil change. With intervals between oil service becoming longer, potential problems that can cause engine failure may arise. When you bring your vehicle to QAS, you benefit from the trained eye of an expert technician who will inspect (Red Check Inspect) the vehicle and provide you with a text report. By catching a minor problem before it becomes a major repair, you could save hundreds or thousands of dollars (and a big headache).
  5. Mileage or Date? We get asked this all the time; “do I follow the date or the mileage indicated on the sticker?” Follow whatever comes first. All fluids and parts on the vehicle have a lifespan. A car that is not used very often or sits for the season (winter or summer) needs to be following the date recommendation. Adversely, a vehicle that is driven much, will need more frequent oil service.


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