Three preventative maintenance services, one every six months.

Your Truckee auto care is so simple and easy.

3/6 Basic ServicePlus Oil Service

The 3/6 Basic Oil Service is a full-service that will save drivers time, money and prevent avoidable repairs. This oil service is stepped up for mountain driven vehicles and includes a fully synthetic high-quality oil change, Top-Tier oil filter, tire rotation and air filter replacement (air filters become clogged due to excessive road grime, pollen and smoke). An expert Quality Automotive Servicing technician will inspect the vehicle and send out a digital inspection safety report with vital information you can use to make smart decisions about your vehicle. Take care of an issue that needs immediate attention and/or plan for future maintenance.  During the inspection, fluids that need to be topped off are addressed and will be added to the invoice. If fluids are not rated for high altitude temperatures, we recommend a flush and replacement of those fluids.  As a 3/6 ServicePlus customer you will never miss or be late on a service as we reserve a spot on our schedule for your next service either by time lapsed or mileage.  We know your busy so the QAS team makes it easy with a service text reminder for your next appointment.  


This level of 3/6 Service is recommended once a year and can alternate with a Basic Oil Service or Major Mileage Service. A 3/6 Intermediate Service includes everything in the Basic Service plus the benefit of fuel and oil additives that are important for high altitude performance and engine protection. Did you know the type and grade of fuel, as well as the brand will effect your fuel system function?  Fuel that is not rated Top-Tier or is of a lesser octane than manufacturer recommended will cause serious problems over time. This is especially true for performance and turbo charged vehicles. A fuel additive is essential to dissolve deposits from injectors, intake ports and valves, along with combustion chambers.  The addition of an oil additive adds protection for the engine by preventing oxidation and sludge formation.  Mountain vehicles work harder and often run at higher operating temperatures.  The aim of this stepped up oil service is better performance, better gas mileage and a car that will run longer with fewer repairs.  The 3/6 Intermediate Service also includes a cabin air filter replacement. Road dirt, pollen, dust, smoke and even rodents can clog this important filter that keeps fresh air circulating inside the cabin.  It's recommended that mountain-driven vehicles have the cabin air filter checked and changed every year. The 3/6 Basic ServicePlus is a full-service that will save drivers time, money and prevent avoidable repairs.  Plus, you will never miss or be late on a service as we reserve a spot on our schedule for your next service. With your busy schedule, we make it easy.  You simply accept or deny the appointment reminder. 


At major mileage intervals (30k, 60k, 100k) manufacturers recommended preventative maintenance services. At Quality Automotive Servicing the technician has access to all the recommendations for your specific make and model and will comprehensively perform the service as outlined by the manufacturer. It is essential that mountain-driven vehicles receive a COMPLETE Major Mileage Service which will include attention to items within the drivetrain such as transmission fluids, transfer case fluids and front and rear differential fluids. Steep mountain roads and the extra haul weight of recreational equipment or trailers will put additional strain on a vehicle. Attention to these details and following the severe driving recommendations outlined by the manufacturer are key to maintaining the manufacturer warranty. Proactive service is also vital for modern engines that are finely tuned and extremely sensitive to deposits that accumulate in the induction system. When varnish, dirt and intake contaminants enter the system, there can be an interruption to air flow distribution and the critical air/fuel ratio. All this result in your vehicle becoming plagued with rough idle issues, poor fuel economy and increased exhaust emissions. For this reason, with the major mileage service QAS will also recommend an Induction System Cleaning to keep the engine running clean, help avoid costly and unexpected repairs which ultimately will shorten the life of the vehicle.   



Quality Automotive Servicing is Your Trusted Local Auto Care in Truckee. You can depend on the “home team” of highly trained automotive mechanics and service advisors to be ready to provide you with the special maintenance services your vehicle needs. Living and traveling in Truckee and North Lake Tahoe your vehicle is subject to adverse weather and driving conditions that require more attention to maintenance.  From freezing temperatures and high altitude to steep terrain and 4WD requirements, there are many challenges for mountain drivers and their vehicles.  Even vehicles stored during the season (summer or winter) or only used for short trips to the store will experience unique maintenance needs. You can depend on Quality Automotive Servicing to know about your vehicle maintenance for mountain driving. We partner with customers to help make sure that the preventative maintenance schedule (factory scheduled services and oil services) are right for your specific make and model taking into account the rigors of mountain driving. 

The Quality Automotive Servicing home team are highly experienced in the maintenance and repair of mountain vehicles. Every team member takes no less than 40 hours of advanced training each year so they know what’s new in the industry. Your home team for an auto repair, Quality Automotive Servicing, delivers quality through hard work and a dedication to being the best. You will always receive a ServicePlus experience as we partner with you to get the most out of your vehicle., take a look at this recent 5-star review to get an idea:

“These guys are pros! No speculation, assumptions, or deception. Just plain old fashioned hard work and technical professionalism. I was eavesdropping on one of the longtime employees of this repair team and there was an issue with a clients car shortly after a recent storm. The client was worried about a vibration in the front wheels of her vehicle that she felt the previous day. The tech asked many questions regarding the performance of the vehicle and whether the vibration was still there. The client replied that the vibration had stopped. The tech then replied it must have been snow stuck on the inner radius of the rim and it must have melted off but if you have any concerns whatsoever, please bring the car in and we'll go for a drive with you and find out exactly what the problem is. This is the pinnacle of customer service. Thank you, gentlemen, for the awesome job you do and the excellent service you offer with it.” -- Justin F. 

You will not find a more qualified, honest, and friendly auto repair shop than Quality Automotive Servicing in Truckee. Whether you live in Tahoe City, Olympic Valley, Homewood, or beyond, we are your local expert team for all your auto repair and maintenance needs. We are loyal to our customers and encourage you to take advantage of our ServicePlus Red Check program that includes an extended warranty, free local towing, seasonal benefits, and a 5% dividend program. Visit the local pros conveniently located in the Gateway of Truckee at 11500 Donner Pass Rd, Unit D, Truckee, CA 96161 (next to the TDPUD).  Open Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, and closed from noon to 1 PM. Request your appointment online today!

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