At Quality Automotive Servicing When you are looking for knowledgeable and friendly auto mechanics in Truckee, look no further than the "home team" at Quality Automotive Servicing. There is a reason "quality" is in the name of our auto repair shop: Quality is the foundation of the customer experience we call ServicePlus. From the moment you experience our shop, you will know we aren't like any other shop in Truckee or North Lake Tahoe.

Know us before you need us! Quality Automotive Servicing in Truckee recruits only the best technicians and continually invests in their individual success through professional (and personal) development. The result is expert vehicle service and repair for your car, truck or SUV - along with professional advising from a helpful service advisor. QAS customers have peace of mind that their vehicle is maintained by experts in the field, is safe, and is dependable.

Are you a community supporter? Long time owners, Bill and Sheila Greeno, believe in "Full Circle Community Support" and invest in numerous local organizations and non-profits. So when you do business at Quality Automotive Servicing, you too are helping a senior get a meal (Sierra Senior Services), children discover and learn (KidZone Museum) and an animal find a home (Humane Society of Truckee).

Gary Gunter

General Manager

Quality Automotive Servicing | Gary Gunter – Service Writer

Gary began his career at Quality Automotive Servicing at the age of 19 upon graduating from Universal Technical Institute in Sacramento. Gary is one of four local THS graduates who have committed to making a career at QAS. Growing up working on his family Toyota and Subaru, Gary became knowledgeable about the increased maintenance needs of mountain-driven vehicles. He is an expert service advisor and is always thinking about their safe travels. He thoroughly explains any  recommendations for basic & immediate maintenance that helps Quality customer have a dependable and safe vehicle. Gary has committed to the team at QAS and is continuing management and business training as General Manager. Gary leads the Quality team with knowledge and an attitude that keeps the culture strong and everyone loving their jobs. 

Maggie Lusser

Service Manager

Quality Automotive Servicing | Maggie Lusser - Service AdvisorMaggie competently accomplishes her job as Service Manager. Coming from a family that worked on cars, she was pulled into helping rebuild a few engines in her youth and she knows her stuff. Her attention to detail and understanding of the complicated issues of today’s vehicles is outstanding. She enjoys working with customers to solve their problems and effectively communicates and relates with customers making them feel at home. You can count on Maggie to thoroughly explain a service and provide a plan for future service. Maggie grew up in Truckee and is a High School graduate. She loves her hometown and enjoys the fact that there is a lake in every direction.

Tom Harmon

Service Advisor

Quality Automotive Servicing | Bill Greeno – Owner

Proudly introducing our newest Service Advisor Tom Harmon! We are excited to have Tom on board as he brings over 20 years of automotive experience to the table. He started his first job in the industry at just 19yrs old at Capital Ford in San Jose. It was there he began learning all the ins and outs of each working part of an automotive shop. Before moving to Nevada Tom was General Manager at Bridgestone/Firestone for several years. He has since taken his expertise as shop manager and expanded working most recently as a collision damage estimator. Tom is a professional and able to advise on all aspect of vehicle maintenance and repair.  Tom is married to his beautiful wife Joy and has six kids and two grandchildren. Tom resides in Reno and with this job change is looking forward to returning to the Portola area. He continues to explore this area with his family getting to know the backroads. He says he loves the auto repair industry because he enjoys helping people and loves cars, and for that, we couldn’t be happier to have Tom here at Quality Automotive Servicing.

Chris Loyd


Quality Automotive Servicing | Chris Loyd - Technician

Chris has had a tool in his hand since he learned to walk. He comes to Quality Automotive Servicing experienced in working on large semi trucks and brings valuable skills that apply to working on all types of passenger vehicles. His technical knowledge and aptitude for everything mechanical along along with attention to detail makes him a valuable addition to the team of mechanics. Chris was drawn by the Quality Automotive Servicing “passion statement” and workplace values. When he’s not taking care of customer vehicles, he spends time outdoors with his future wife and family. Do you like Halloween? Chris does and shows it with his passion for building amazing haunted houses. In fact, he is an integral member of the team of designers and craftsmen & women that annually design and build Dark Corners House in Reno. When he’s not creating, innovating and fixing something, he takes the time to enjoy his 1967 prep paint grey Mustang.


Moira Gion


Quality Automotive Servicing | Moira Gion - Technician

Quality Automotive Servicing is excited to announce that Moira Gion has completed her two year apprenticeship and earned her degree in Automotive Technologies from Truckee Meadows Community College. Coming to QAS with a four-year engineering degree, she was a natural fit to train under the master mechanics at Quality Automotive Servicing while earning her degree.  Moira is an exceptional individual and her commitment to the apprentice program is an example of QAS's philosophy of developing local talent. She recently attended Tesla training and will be servicing these vehicles as well. Moira is passionate about rock climbing. Before she came to QAS she traveled around for over a years in her van discovering new places around the west to climb. 

Kevin Millard

European Master Technician

Quality Automotive Servicing | Kevin Millard - BMW Master Technician

If you own a BMW or other Euro Import, Kevin is your best choice in Truckee and North Lake Tahoe for servicing and repairs. He is regarded as one of the “top BMW” mechanics in California and never stops pursuing his passion for learning all there is about these high performance vehicles and German engineering.  After technical school, Kevin got his start at a high-volume dealership. With a sound background and expert technical knowledge, he migrated to Truckee to pursue a more active outdoor life. Recognizing his level of expertise, experience and training, QAS hired Kevin and he quickly took the lead in opening to door tor BMW owners to get the highest quality of service and expertise at Quality Automotive Servicing.  Kevin never stops attending advanced trainings and studying about the latest technology. This makes him a top-notch diagnostic technician able to pinpoint and solve trouble issues that other shops can not. Kevin’s enthusiasm and commitment to servicing BMW and Euro imports with perfection translates into our customers trusting him for all their service. 


ServicePlus Representative

Quality Automotive Servicing | Bud - ServicePlus Representative

Bud or Rosebud is our "FUN" representative. She has a passion for fun which makes her a good front dog for the Red Check Club. She likes to run, hike, and play fetch, and take long swims at Donner Lake. Bud is a great agent for the Red Check Club because she is a Truckee local that likes to get outdoors, much like Quality Automotive Servicing customers. As a Red Check Club member, Bud receives a "Truckee" license plate frame and benefits such as a complimentary use of the California Gold Pass and a lift ticket at a local resort. Additional benefits include free local towing, extended local warranty (3 years & 36,000 miles) and seasonal benefits like 2 for 1 wiper blades. Bud likes to change things up so stay tuned for new benefits for Red Check Club members.

Jody Cilmi


Quality Automotive Servicing | Jody Cilmi - Technician

In 2014, Quality Automotive Servicing welcomed Jody to the team of technicians. Jody grew up the son of a repair shop owner so he knows his way around a shop. Since joining the QAS Truckee team he has advanced his knowledge earning numerous certifications.  Jody is Quality's specialist with domestic makes and the popular Asian imports of Subaru, Honda and Toyota. Jody values the shop culture and working with the supportive team that "Goes the Distance" with servicing every customer. Being an avid outdoorsman and river runner, Jody appreciates the need for a dependable mountain vehicle. He works hard to be sure every customer receives his best work and gets a complete and comprehensive service. In his time off he enjoys getting outdoors and spending time with his wife and kids. 

Alex Rubio

Mobile Technician

Quality Automotive Servicing | Alex Rubio - Mobile Technician

Bio to come. 

Bill Greeno

Owner/Industry Consultant 

Quality Automotive Servicing | Bill Greeno – Owner

Bill is proud to serve the Truckee and North Tahoe community with a shop that offers the highest level of expertise and integrity at every level of automotive repair and servicing. His philosophy for providing excellent service includes continuous training and advancement of the employee team. Building a cohesive and invested team is what allows QAS to stand out and be known as Your Trusted Local Auto Care. Bill is also an industry business coach, management consultant and your Nevada County Planning Commissioner. Bill also serves on the Board of the Truckee Chamber of Commerce and is passionate about helping other businesses experience success.  

Sheila Greeno


Quality Automotive Servicing | Bill Greeno – Owner

Sheila Greeno is Co-Owner of Quality Automotive Servicing making this a WOB.  She is active with a number of women owned partner shops nationwide and welcomes women who seek careers in automotive repair. As a 35+ year resident of Truckee, she co-leads the team to provide nothing less than premium servicing, great customer service and community engagement. When she's not involved at the shop, Sheila pursues her passion of helping out several community causes.  She has been active in Girl Scouting and has given years of service to the KidZone Children's Museum.  She is also a volunteer driver for Meal on Wheels, something she started with her oldest daughter to introduce her to volunteerism.  With husband and co-owner Bill, she has been at the forefront of many issues facing Truckee. 

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