Your Subaru needs more than an oil change.  Follow these guidelines more performance and less trouble. 

Better-Than-Dealership Service Subaru

Love Your Subaru Month

Taking care of a Subaru in our mountain environment takes special care with the professionals at Quality Automotive Servicing of Truckee. 

Severe Driving Conditions in Truckee include rough &  dusty roads, salt, snow driving, towing, extreme temperatures, climbing, added weight

Every manufacturer outlines recommendations and service intervals for vehicles operating in “severe driving conditions“ yet, not all dealership services departments follow the guidelines. In Truckee/Tahoe we drive severe conditions all year round.< Just climbing 267 or Northwoods Blvd is equal stress on an engine to towing a trailer.<  To keep your Subaru performing, follow the manufacturer's recommendations for “severe driving conditions“ and trust a QAS service advisor to steer you in the direction that will keep your high-altitude vehicle safe from unnecessary troubles and repairs.  

Avoid Subaru Troubles With Preventative Maintenance

Transmission Fluid Flush 25,000 to 30,000 miles to avoid an expensive valve body replacement.

Differential Fluids - Mountain driving is hard on the drive train. Avoid future problems with differentials by changing fluid every 15,000 miles (per Subaru)

Intake System Cleaning - To prevent carbon deposits causing potential engine and emission system damage.

Cabin Air Filter - Yearly to breathe clean air.

Battery Replacement - 3-5 years depending on the quality of the battery & garage storage.

Brake System Flush 30,000 miles - Brake fluid draws in moisture< causing corrosion and rust to components.<

AC System Inspection - Inspection of the vehicle AC system can identify problems that if not addressed can be a big expense to repair.<

Life Time Fluids. The term lifetime fluids is deceptive. Your Subaru may run for the extent of the manufacturer service contract or warranty without a transmission fluid change, but at what cost to the transmission? Do you plan on buying new at the end of the warranty? Not exchanging the transmission fluid will lead to expensive troubles as the Subaru ages.  Quality Automotive Servicing mechanics are experts in Subaru  “mountain maintenance“ and suggest vital transmission maintenance. 

When Do I Need Brakes? 30,000 to 50,000 miles

Brake life depends on

  • Roadway conditions
  • Driving habits
  • Quality of original brakes
  • Downhill braking

Brakes on mountain-driven cars wear differently due to road dirt, dust, moisture and extended braking. How long they last comes down to the quality of the brakes and the drivers' braking habits.

Protect your manufacturer warranty.  Dealership service departments will have you believe that they are the only ones who can service your Subaru. Not true. The Right to Repair Act gives a qualifiedindependent shop theright to work on your vehicle and not void the warranty.

Buying a Used Subaru?  There is no question about it, if buying a used Subaru, even from a dealership or lot, get a pre-purchase inspection. What looks good on the outside, may not be good under the hood.You can use what you’ve learned to negotiate price and you might save yourself from buying a under-maintained vehicle with a lot of expensive issues to deal with.

Dust, Smoke, Pollen & Rodents Feces in Your Face. Gross.  It‘s no joke, Truckee has poor air quality. Dust, smoke, pollen, leaves and even rodent feces, clog filters and hinder them from keeping the contaminants out.Filters need to be of premium quality and changed yearly.

Take Your Subaru to 200k and Beyond - A Subaru maintained with proper preventative maintenance at Quality Automotive Servicing will have fewer troubles and can easily go200,000 miles. Trust a QAS expert to steer you toward the maintenance that will protect your Subaru.