Yes to Tesla Brake Service and More at Quality Automotive Servicing in Truckee, CA

The professionals at Quality Automotive Servicing in Truckee Ca are saying "YES" to Tesla services. Tesla recommends regular maintenance checks on brakes, including brake pads and rotors. This service can be handled by a Quality Automotive Servicing technician trained in Tesla servicing.

Brakes Pads & RotorsTesla Services in Truckee, CA - Quality Automotive Servicing: Teslas are heavy cars and with the amount of braking required on our mountainous roads, brake wear is increased. Braking components wear and need attention. 

Brake Fluid Check & Flush: It's advised to check the level of break fluid every two years and perform a brake fluid flush if the level is low.  

Clean and lubricate brake calipers. At Quality Automotive Servicing we follow the Tesla recommendations to lubricate brake caliper pads every year for cold weather regions.

AC Desiccant Bag: Tesla recommends replacing the  AC Desiccant bag every two years.


Cabin Air Filter Replacement: Replace the HEPA filter every 3 years (except in China which is every year). Truckee has a lot of dust, pollen and smoke, so attention to the filter is a good idea. 

Tire Rotation: Rotate tires every 6250 miles or if tread difference is 2/32 inches or greater, whichever comes first. (Might not be applicable for vehicles with staggered wheel fitment or directional tires.) 

Wheel Alignment Check: Perform a wheel alignment check if the wheels are wearing unevenly or the vehicle is pulling.

Tesla owners are welcome at Quality Automotive Servicing. If you have questions about your Tesla service or have a service need, feel free to reach out to a friendly Quality Automotive Servicing service advisor who can answer your questions.  



What is Regenerative braking? 

Tesla vehicles are heavy and rely on regenerative braking. The Tesla system uses the motor to slow down the vehicle which reduces the physical wear on brakes.