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Monthly Archives: April 2024

Drive With Confidence - The Importance of Digital Vehicle Inspections

Ensure Safe Travels: The Importance of a Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI) with Every Service As the harsh driving conditions of Truckee's winter give way to the promise of summer adventures, it's crucial that your vehicle is ready to hit the road. One often overlooked but essential aspect of car maintenance is the Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI) conducted alongside routine services like oil changes or smog checks. A DVI offers invaluable insights into your vehicle's condition, providing you with peace of mind and potentially saving you from unexpected breakdowns or repair bills. For customers of Quality Automotive Servicing, it's an opportunity to have experts scrutinize your vehicle while it's on the rack, offering a comprehensive evaluation of its various systems. As summer travel season approaches, a DVI becomes even more critical. Discovering a repair issue before embarking on a long journey can prevent an inconvenient roadside breakdown and ensure a smooth ... read more

Why to Not Buy the Pre-Purchased Maintenance Plan When Buying a New Car

Thinking about whether to invest in that pre-purchase maintenance plan when you buy a new car from the dealership? Before you sign on the dotted line, let's delve into what you might not see at first glance. Hidden Costs: While the dealership may promise a comprehensive maintenance plan, it's essential to know the quality of what you’re getting. Some dealerships might skimp by using lower-quality parts or opting for cheaper fluid alternatives to maximize profits. Additionally, inexperienced technicians used for these services could lead to catastrophic mistakes, like a recent situation that a  friend experienced when her oil drain plug was mis-threaded  resulting in a blown engine in the middle of Nevada. Inconsistent Service: Despite assurances, dealerships might not always follow through on the promised services. Instances of dealerships skipping recommended maintenance items, which you've paid for, have ... read more