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Monthly Archives: July 2023

There is a Difference: Simple Oil Change vs Quality Oil Service

  When it comes to car maintenance & repair, it seems some drivers look for the cheapest and fastest way to get it done. Although this may seem like a reasonable way to approach vehicle maintenance, it can actually be the more expensive and time-consuming way. Let's look at a simple oil change at a "quick stop" versus a Quality Automotive Servicing oil service and how the latter will actually save you time and money over the lifetime of your vehicle.        The main difference between an oil change and a Quality Automotive "oil service" is the level of expertise and the comprehensive nature of the service. A "discount" oil change is a quick exchange of engine oil and a new oil filter, typically performed by someone who may or may not be a certified technician. The products used may not be properly specified for the vehicle or of the highest quality.   While an oil c ... read more