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Customers Can Now Book Mobile Oil Service from Quality Automotive Servicing

Customers Can Now Book Mobile Oil Service from Quality Automotive Servicing

Time Saving & Convenient Mobile Oil Servicing For Customers of Quality Automotive Servicing in Truckee, Ca  As our lives have become increasingly busy and demanding, the convenience of on-demand services is a benefit that we all enjoy. The auto repair and maintenance team at Quality Automotive Servicing in Truckee, CA has now launched Mobile Oil Service. Quality Automotive Servicing customers in Truckee, Olympic Valley, Martis and Northstar areas will find it convenient and easy to get to-your-door oil services on Subaru, Toyota, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Ford and every other popular vehicle make around North Lake Tahoe.  Auto service and repair often takes a backseat to our busy lives but driving beyond the recommended intervals for oil and filter changes can lead the unaware down the road to serious engi ... read more


Oil Change

Five Reasons to Stick With QAS for ALL Your Service

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10 Tips For Finding The Right Shop For You & Your Vehicle

10 Tips For Finding The Right Shop For You & Your Vehicle

Looking for a place to service your car in Truckee or North Lake Tahoe?  Look to your local Partner in Auto Care, Quality Automotive Servicing at 11500 Donner Pass Road in central Truckee. View our "Passion Statement" at the bottom of this blog.  Vehicle Maintenance & Repair - Investment or Expense? If you were to pick between investing money in an asset or dishing out cash for an expense, which would you choose?  Well, your vehicle is one of your biggest investments and it requires attention, expertise and continued investment so that it doesn't end up a series of repairs and expenses.   At Quality Automotive Servicing we also see your cars, trucks, SUVs and vans as an investment. One that you would like to be dependable and last a long time. Our professional team works with customers on issues and expert preventative maintenance so you can enjoy your car for miles t ... read more

You're Dealership Alternative; Major Mileage Service

Currently Working on Copy.  Thanks for your patience.  For an explination of major mileage services and the special needs of mountain-drive vehicles, contact the shop at 530-587-1933.   

Oil Change: Why Quick & Cheap Is Not Better

It's easy to think that keeping up on regular oil changes is all your vehicle needs. While regular oil & filter changes are important, at Quality Automotive Servicing in Truckee, we know your vehicle needs more. Let me tell you a true story. My friend has regular oil changes at a “Quick” lube in Reno. Recently he headed to Moab to meet some friends for mountain biking. In eastern Nevada, a belt broke and he became stranded. But that wasn’t the worst of it. When the belt broke, it flung around under the hood and put a hole in the radiator. While all his radiator fluid leaked out, he stood on the side of the road wondering if he even had cell service. While he was seeking bars, and not the drinking kind, he discovered the closest shop that could do the work in a day was in Salt Lake City. He was towed, at his expense, to Salt Lake City where he put his trust in a shop he didn’t know. He purchased a new radiator and belt at considerable expense. This wa ... read more