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What Should I Know About Truckee CA Smog Check?

What Should I Know About Truckee CA Smog Check?

Like it or not, one of the responsibilities of owning a vehicle in Truckee, CA includes keeping it emissions clean and not becoming a contributor to poor air quality. We guarantee our smog check and will retest for free if you don't pass the first time. With 32 million registered vehicles on the road in California, it is no wonder that our state has the strictest vehicle emissions standards in the country. The DMV reminds drivers on the annual registration renewal notice if a smog check is needed. For most vehicles six years or older, this is a mandatory test every two years. Diesel vehicles are now tested every year. Additionally, a vehicle brought in from out of sate is required to pass a smog test in order to be registered in California. Bill Greeno, Owner of Quality Automotive Servicing, states that about 90% of vehicles tested at the shop pass the the first time. He suggests you familiarize yourself with some of the procedures ahea ... read more


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