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Why You Should Always Pay For Diagnostic Service

Why You Should Always Pay For Diagnostic Service

If there is one question or confusion we hear often from our Truckee and Lake Tahoe customers it’s why charge for diagnostic service on vehicle when there has been no repair performed. Always, the first step in repairing a vehicle is finding out what the problem is. Diagnosis takes a trained professional, specialized equipment and technician time. With code readers marketed to the general public, it is a misconception that when the check engine light comes on, the engine computer tells the technician exactly what the problem is. The reality is that it’s just not that simple. The trouble code tells the technician what engine parameter is out of range, but not what's causing it. For example, if the trouble exists within the emissions system, there are a dozen or so things that could be the culprit. Sometimes the diagnosis and repair is straight forward, but others can be more involved and difficult. In every case, your Quality Automotive Servicing technician is using exp ... read more

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