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Monthly Archives: November 2023

Benefits of Loyalty - Why Sticking to One Shop Pays Off

While it might be tempting to explore different options for service, consistency with a shop holds it's value. Here's why staying loyal to one shop is worth it.       1. Every visit to Quality Automotive Servicing adds to your vehicle's history log, creating a valuable record of maintenance and repairs. This history becomes an invaluable asset for technicians and service advisors, aiding them in making informed recommendations and diagnosing potential issues efficiently. It also helps with the sales value of the vehicle to have had one service provider.   2.  When you establish a relationship with Quality Automotive Servicing, you get to know the people behind the service and they get to know you. This is important for every day work and especially handy when there is an emergency or an issue with service. Having this established relationship is invaluable when it comes to car care.   3. You can be comfortable ... read more

Two Recent Awards Highlight Customer and Community Service at Quality Automotive Servicing

  Quality Automotive Servicing (QAS) and its employees have received notable recognition from prestigious organizations for their exceptional work in both customer service and community support. Here are the highlights: Employee of the Year Award for General Manager Gary Gunter: Gary Gunter's dedication and outstanding service at QAS have earned him the  "Employee of the Year" award from the Truckee Chamber of Commerce. Gary's journey from starting at QAS at the age of 19 to becoming the General Manager stands as a testament to his hard work and commitment. As a native of Truckee, Gary serves as an inspiration for local young adults pursuing careers in the trades. His engagement with high school students, providing insights into this career path, showcases his commitment to nurturing the next generation of professionals. Gary's exceptional communication skills, especially in explaining vehicle needs to customers, have made him hi ... read more