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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Don't Burn Out The Wiper Motor - Clear Your Windshield of Snow and Ice

Don't Burn Out The Wiper Motor - Clear Your Windshield of Snow and Ice

Winter has finally arrived and with the recent wet, snowy and icy weather, remember to turn off the wipers when you turn off your vehicle. Taking care of this simple task could help you avoid damage to your wiper blades and the internal motor that powers them. Most ofus don’t think about how that blade manages to move across our field of vision. That’s why one of the most common and preventable repairs for any mountain car, truck or SUV is replacing the wiper blade motor. Requiring a wiper blade to clear a snowy windshield or unstick itself after a wet, icy storm puts stress on the motor which can cause it turn burn out and fail. The result may be you driving down the road with your head out the window along with an unwanted repair expense. Avoid this by always turning off your wiper blades when you stop the vehicle. If possible, pull the blades away from the windshield to preventsticking. This simple action will allow your blades to last longer and save the wip ... read more