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There is a Difference: Simple Oil Change vs Quality Oil Service


When it comes to car maintenance & repair, it seems some drivers look for the cheapest and fastest way to get it done. Although this may seem like a reasonable way to approach vehicle maintenance, it can actually be the more expensive and time-consuming way. Let's look at a simple oil change at a "quick stop" versus a Quality Automotive Servicing oil service and how the latter will actually save you time and money over the lifetime of your vehicle. 




The main difference between an oil change and a Quality Automotive "oil service" is the level of expertise and the comprehensive nature of the service. A "discount" oil change is a quick exchange of engine oil and a new oil filter, typically performed by someone who may or may not be a certified technician. The products used may not be properly specified for the vehicle or of the highest quality.


While an oil change is considered maintenance, at QAS we believe this should be preventative maintenance and take taking the opportunity to inspect the vehicle for current issues or future occurrences.  A certified technician with years of experience and training makes this inspection a valuable tool for the customer to take care of issues and plan for the future. This could ultimately save you time and money by addressing an issue  before it becomes expensive repairs or roadside breakdowns.   


A Quality Automotive Servicing oil service goes beyond a simple "drain and change". The oil service is a  comprehensive service that can ensure the longevity of your vehicle. Quality Automotive Servicing experts not only change your oil and oil filter with quality products specified to your vehicle, they also inspect the underside of your vehicle and provide valuable feedback. Our experts are trained to look for wear on belts and hoses, inspect the suspension and steering system and evaluate the condition and level of up to 10 other vital fluids. A QAS certified technician knows the manufacturer's recommendations for the replacement of vital components and will go beyond general service to research vehicle service advisories and recall items. If you have any questions about your vehicle's performance or a concern that is troubling you, now is the time to bring this to our attention so the technician can take a deeper look and potentially provide you with some answers. The oil service is not a rushed exchange of fluids that ignores the overall condition of your vehicle.  An oil service at Quality Automotive Servicing is preventative maintenance that will keep you from an unexpected trouble on the road.   


What is Preventative Maintenance


Preventative maintenance is all about servicing your vehicle to prevent unexpected issues that could ruin your day, your week or your road trip. With an oil service, additional items are inspected and may be recommended such as a new air filter or cabin air filter.  For mountain drivers, these items need to be changed more frequently due to the excessive pollen, road dust, and smoke we experience in Truckee and Lake Tahoe. 


It's Your Best Money Spent If You Can Avoid Car Trouble. 

The Quality Automotive Servicing Passion Statement begins with "we go beyond to educate customers with full disclosure & transparency" so at any time during the service if we see something concerning, we will let you know. If you can head off an issue before it becomes a repair, that is good money and time spent. 


Any time that you have the opportunity to have a professionally trained technician to provide a comprehensive service over a quick discount service, you are spending your time and money toward a more dependable vehicle that will have longevity and performance. 




If you have read this far, you now know the difference between an oil change and a Quality Automotive Servicing oil service. At QAS it comes down to expertise, the comprehensive nature of the service, and the focus on preventative maintenance. Quality Automotive Servicing of Truckee We Go The Distance  so you can always go the distance out on the road.