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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Air Conditioning Service at Quality Automotive Servicing

Air Conditioning Service at Quality Automotive Servicing

Hours spent in a hot, stifling vehicle can spoil a weekend getaway or vacation. A periodic under-hood inspection may help you address air conditioning problems before they spoil your trip. Here’s what we will look for when inspecting your system. Are A/C component mounting bolts in place and tightly secured? Are caps installed on the A/C system service ports? This keeps out dirt, and also provides a seal for refrigerant. Does the compressor clutch engage when the A/C is switched on? If it doesn’t, this usually indicates a low (or empty) refrigerant condition, or an electrical problem. Rapid clicking or cycling noises at the compressor when the A/C is switched on could also indicate low refrigerant or some other problems. With the engine running and the A/C switched off, is there knocking or rumbling in the vicinity of the compressor. This could indicate a failing compressor clutch, and ... read more


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