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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Dust, Dirt, Pollen & Smoke - Your Truckee Auto Air Filter Takes It All In

Dust, Dirt, Pollen & Smoke - Your Truckee Auto Air Filter Takes It All In

In Truckee and Lake Tahoe with the abundance of road sand, a bigger than normal pollen season and smoke lingering on the horizon, it’s a good idea to consider changing your vehicle's air filter. Additionally, if you drive dirt roads or are a recent visitor to the Playa (i.e. Burning Man), a change is in order. A dirty air filter will restrict air flow and effect fuel economy, performance and emissions. On the other hand, a new, clean, high quality air filter will give you stronger performance, better fuel economy and cleaner exhaust while protecting your engine. Imagine having a clogged air mask over your face - it would make it hard to breathe and perform! So although the manufacturer recommendation for changing an air filter annually or every 15,000 miles may be a good recommendation for the city driver, more frequent attention is need for us mountain drivers in Truckee and surrounding areas. Ask a technician at Quality Automotive Servicing to change the air filte ... read more