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Avoid a Collision With Wildlife - Invest in Headlight Restoration

Truckee, CA:  

Beware of wildlife on Truckee and Lake Tahoe roads warns Quality Automotive Servicing of Truckee, CA.  Deer and bear on the roadway are common and each year they fall victim to collisions with vehicles.

 "It's absolutely horrible to hit an animal in the first place, but it can also do a lot of damage to your car," says a local Sierra Valley commuter.

Quality Automotive Servicing recommends that if you drive at night, one of the best things you can do is improve your night vision with a professional headlight restoration service.   

Headlights become yellowed and cloudy over time (see below). This decreases the distance a driver can see at night.  On   mountain highways and roads, not having clear and long distance vision can result in not identifying wildlife until it's too late to avoid them.  If you drive areas with heavy deer activity, a headlight restoration service from QAS can save you from having to deal with a terrible situation.  


Don't wait on this specialty service.  A professional headlight restoration is $245, which may seem like a lot but is actually a pretty good investment given that most insurance deductibles are higher. Plus, you can avoid the horror of hitting an animal and injuring yourself or passengers by getting your headlight restored to original condition. 

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Photo shows difference between cloudy headlight and restored headlight.