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Customers Can Now Book Mobile Oil Service from Quality Automotive Servicing

Time Saving & Convenient

Mobile Oil Servicing

For Customers of Quality Automotive Servicing in Truckee, Ca 

As our lives have become increasingly busy and demanding, the convenience of on-demand services is a benefit that we all enjoy. The auto repair and maintenance team at Quality Automotive Servicing in Truckee, CA has now launched Mobile Oil Service. Quality Automotive Servicing customers in Truckee, Olympic Valley, Martis and Northstar areas will find it convenient and easy to get to-your-door oil services on Subaru, Toyota, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Ford and every other popular vehicle make around North Lake Tahoe. 

Auto service and repair often takes a backseat to our busy lives but driving beyond the recommended intervals for oil and filter changes can lead the unaware down the road to serious engine problems. 

Use mileage intervals for severe driving. We know the stress put on mountain vehicles and recommend the mileage intervals for "severe driving" conditions as outlined in the owners manual of your specific vehicle. Some manufacturers are calling for oil changes at 10,000 miles. If you follow this recommendation, you are sure to have problems down the road. Mountain-driven vehicles are taxed every day by high altitude acceleration, severe hot and cold temperatures and an abundance of dust, dirt and pollen particles in the air. Driving beyond the a reasonable interval for oil and filter changes can lead the unaware down the road to serious engine problems. 

This photo shows a new and old cabin air filter. Image the quality of air you are breathing each time you drive if your filter has not been changed regularly.  We recommend a yearly change due to the excessive amount of dust, smoke, pollen and debris that can clog the filter. 




Oil filters protect the engine and keep contaminants from entering and causing irreversible damage. Cheap air filters from "discount" oil change outlets will not protect like a premium product used by Quality Automotive Servicing. This oil filter was long overdue for replacement and beyond providing any engine protection.  



The Quality Automotive Servicing mobile van will come to you, making it easy to stay on track with vital services that add life to your vehicle. Your  mobile service includes the correct specification of oil for your vehicle (Domestic, Japanese & European Imports) and a fresh oil filter. Also included is a premium quality air filter which ensures that your car's engine receives clean air. Many drivers don't realize the importance of fresh filters. Nearly every roadway in and around Truckee is full of dust and sand. Add seasonal pollen and smoke to the mix and even a premium quality air filter needs replacement. The QAS mobile tech may also suggest replacing the cabin air filter which ensures that the air you breathe while driving is clean, free of pollutants, and allergens. Cabin air filters should be replaced yearly, more if your everyday drive is a dirt road. 

Headlights restoration will help you avoid hazards on the roadway including animals. After a winter like 2023 many headlights have been become cloudy and pitted. A restoration can be added to the service. The restoration process removes the cloudiness and the yellow tint that forms on the headlights. This improves the safety of your car and also renew’s your car's look. 

We will fix that windshield chip before it becomes a crack. Another service offered is windshield chip repair. Repairing a chip early is essential and will prevent the chip from turning into a crack, which may happen as a result of exposure to the sun or extreme temperatures. Your windshield is a safety item and if cracked can no longer provide protection to the driver or passenger in the event of an object hitting the windshield. 

Put some time back in your life. When it comes to convenience, Quality Automotive Servicing's Mobile Oil Service has got you covered. Simply book an appointment and the rest is taken care of by the experienced technicians. You can book an appointment at Quality Automotive Servicing by calling 530-448-8532 or going to our home page and selected the appointments tab.

Now is the perfect time to plan ahead for a QAS mobile serviceQuality Automotive Servicing’s Mobile Oil Service is a time-effective way to maintain the health of your car. The service is offered only to customers of Quality Automotive Servicing so if you are not yet a customer, make your next service with your local professionals and partner in auto car. New customers must have a in-shop service before being eligible for mobile oil service. The in-shop service is always performed by a experienced technician's that will inspect the vehicle while it is racked. This provides you with valuable information about the condition of your vehicle. This visit also allows the service advisor to provide you with the manufacturers recommendations for the specific vehicle. Once this first visit is out of the way, your relationship with the local "hometown" shop has started and mobile servicing will be available to you. 

Quality Automotive Servicing is located at 11500 Donner Pass Road in the center of the Gateway neighborhood and across the street from the Truckee High School playing fields.  The shop is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm and closed daily from noon to 1:00. 














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