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Buying or Selling in Truckee or Reno? Protect Yourself with a “Buyers Inspection”

Used Car Buyer or Seller should get Inspection

Truckee auto owners sell their cars, trucks and SUV’s for a lot of different reasons. Maybe they just want something new or maybe they’re selling that Subaru because it has a problem or two. So how do you know what you’re getting into when you buy a used car in Truckee, California? And if you’re the seller, how do you get top dollar for your four-wheel-drive (4WD) truck or car? Whether you’re buying or selling, a “buyers Inspection” from Quality Automotive Servicing will make the transaction run smoother.

Buyer Beware : As the buyer, you want to know the true condition of the vehicle you are about the purchase. Having a used car “buyer’s inspection” shows the true cost of purchasing the vehicle. That is, the price plus whatever repairs or maintenance is due. Even if the vehicle has no records, our trained technicians can usually tell what has been done or not done. Then “Your Trusted Local Auto Care” Service Adviser will be able to explain what the vehicle needs and the cost of those repairs.

If you are purchasing a vehicle, it is also good practice to ask for the vehicle maintenance records. If the seller is able to provide this, bring it with you for the inspection and we can review them to determine how well the vehicle has been maintained. The maintenance record is a good indicator of the overall condition. A vehicle that has not had scheduled maintenance performed or it has been performed by an uncertified technician, could be a future problem for you. No matter who you are purchasing the vehicle from a buyers inspection is a good idea and well worth the cost.

Seller Beware: As the seller, it is a good selling point that you kept up on maintenance and have a “buyers inspection” that shows the condition of the vehicle. You will not only get the buyers attention, you will get the best price. As a customer of Quality Automotive Servicing, we can also provide the maintenance record with a “buyers inspection”. With this honest information, the sale of your car, truck or SUV will go smoothly. I can't emphasize enough how important this is if you are selling to a family member or friend. The last thing you want is a problem to arise after the sale

Plan Ahead to Sell - Often times people who are planning on selling a vehicle down the road will avoid doing any maintenance. “That can work against you,” says Bill Greeno owner of Quality Automotive Servicing. “We suggest getting on track with the maintenance schedule and sticking with it. It will help you stay safe on the road now and allow you to get a better resale price in the future.” The Red Check Inspection is one way of knowing what maintenance is needed immediately and what issues will be coming due. This inspection is provided free to customers at every oil service, factory scheduled maintenance service or repairs.

When buying a used vehicle in Truckee, Lake Tahoe or Reno, talk with your Quality Automotive Servicing Service Adviser. A buyers inspection at Quality Automotive Servicing is a good idea and the peace of mind is well worth the money. Call us Gary or Lisa at 530-587-1933 to set up an appointment.