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Car Smells You Don't Want to Ignore

Car Smells

Do You Smell Something?

Smells emitted by a vehicle can give Truckee drivers an idea of the health of their vehicle. Unusual smells can mean something is wrong that can result in a vehicle breakdown, usually at the most inconvenient of times. Don’t ignore these warning signs. Some are not only annoying, but can indicate that your Subaru might need the attention of a Quality Automotive Servicing expert.

The smell of hot oil could indicate that oil is leaking onto the exhaust manifold. You can check further by looking for oil under the vehicle after it’s park. There may also be smoke coming from under the hood.

That burnt rubber smell might be good at a Friday night drag race but when it’s coming from your commuter car, something is up. This could indicate a slipping drive belt or loose hoses rubbing against the drive belt. Have a Quality Automotive Servicing technician check this out.

The smell of gasoline is a serious matter. If you smell gasoline you may have a leak in the fuel injector line or fuel tank. This could result in a fire so immediate attention is required. Give us a call at Quality Automotive Servicing and we’ll get your vehicle up on a rack to check it out.

A sweet smell like syrup is an indicator that your vehicle is leaking engine coolant from a component in the cooling system. Since the cooling system keep your vehicle from overheating, it’s a good idea to have your Trusted Local Auto Care in Truckee have a look.

In our mountain town, good brakes are a necessity. The smell of burning carpet could signify brake trouble. This is a safety hazard and a visit to Quality Automotive Servicing for an inspection should be top priority.

The foulest smell is that of rotten eggs. This could be an issue with the catalytic converter. If the catalytic converter is not converting the hydrogen sulfide in the exhaust to sulfur dioxide properly, you may smell this. The cause can also be attributed to a poor running engine which will cause the catalytic converter to become overloaded and ultimately fail.

So give your Toyota, Audi or Volkswagen a good sniff test and don’t ignore the smells that indicate repairs are needed. Early detection and repair may save you on fuel economy, expensive repair bills and a roadside breakdown. Come see us at Quality Automotive Servicing, your Trusted Local Auto Care.