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Why You Should Always Pay For Diagnostic Service

Diagnostic Service

If there is one question or confusion we hear often from our Truckee and Lake Tahoe customers it’s why charge for diagnostic service on vehicle when there has been no repair performed. Always, the first step in repairing a vehicle is finding out what the problem is. Diagnosis takes a trained professional, specialized equipment and technician time. With code readers marketed to the general public, it is a misconception that when the check engine light comes on, the engine computer tells the technician exactly what the problem is. The reality is that it’s just not that simple. The trouble code tells the technician what engine parameter is out of range, but not what's causing it. For example, if the trouble exists within the emissions system, there are a dozen or so things that could be the culprit. Sometimes the diagnosis and repair is straight forward, but others can be more involved and difficult. In every case, your Quality Automotive Servicing technician is using expertise, equipment and time to accomplish his job.

Training Made The Difference For This Customer

We are proud of our reputation as Truckee’s auto diagnostic specialists and aim to figure out what’s going on with your vehicle, fix it, and get you back out on the road. In order to be Your Trusted Local Auto Care our technicians spend a minimum of forty hours each year in training and continuing education to stay current on the technology of today’s complicated vehicle systems. Most recently two of our technicians attended an advanced diagnostic class over two evenings. One of those technicians recently diagnosed a problem on a vehicle that had spent days at another shop with no accurate diagnosis. Within an hour at Quality Automotive Servicing, our technician had discovered the problem and the vehicle was on the way to being repaired. What is this technician’s time and expertise worth? Would a Dr. or Lawyer charge you for a service? Diagnostic fees are necessary and justified. If this service is free, consider what you’re getting and if it is worth your time and frustration.

Often Times There's More Than One Issue

Another customer misconception is that there is one issue that needs to be addressed and the vehicle is fixed. But there are more pieces to this diagnostic puzzle. Diagnostic service often approaches the first and most obvious problem, but there may be more underlying issues hiding out. Since the systems on your vehicle are interrelated, a problem with one system could stress another and require more repairs. This is especially true if the vehicle was driven with an outstanding repair issue that needs attention. Be prepared that diagnostic service may take time and repeat visits to work through the various issues.

In short, a diagnosis is valuable information. For the best in diagnostic service, a visit to the trained professionals at Quality Automotive Servicing in Truckee will get you back on the road to your next adventure.

This old joke sums it up..

The repairman spent 5 minutes looking at the machine, took out a hammer & banged on the machine 3 times…everything worked perfectly. He then presented a bill for $500.

The plant manager was outraged & demanded an itemized bill. The repairman did just that:

“Banging on machine with hammer– $5…

KNOWING where to bang–$495