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College Students - Don't Blow Up Your Engine

Attention College Students! Don’t Blow Up Your Car Engine

It's the end of the school year and the last thing any college student is thinking about is vehicle maintenance and the condition of the auto they took to college. So listen up Mom and Dad, don't be on the hook for a new vehicle for something that could be prevented.

Whether your student is driving a newer Subaru or a tired Toyota, insist that they take a look at a few simple things before they drive it home.

  1. Check all fluid levels and add fluid if necessary. At Quality Automotive Servicing we see many blown engines because a young driver did not pay attention to this basic vehicle maintenance task.
  2. Have the oil changed. Even a vehicle that is not been driven much needs fresh lubricant. Today's oil contain detergents that clean the engine. This used and particle-laden oil can becomes acidic over time and needs to be changed even if the vehicle is not driven much. Most manufacturers recommendation for synthetic oil is a change at 6000 miles OR 6 months, which ever is sooner.
  3. Check the tires for cracks and sun damage and replace any damaged tires. Check the tire pressure. Driving distances on under inflated tires will effect gas mileage and tires will wear unevenly.
  4. Inspect under the hood. If the vehicle has not been driven much it’s not uncommon for little critters to take up residences. Rodents can do a lot of damage under the hood. Have an inspection with that oil service suggested at #2.
  5. Get plenty of sleep before heading out. With finals, all night study sessions, and parties, students are often not physically at their best to drive long distances. Get some rest before you put your driving skills to the test.