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Do You Have Enough Power to the Battery on a Cold Truckee Morning?

It’s the first Truckee powder day of the season and you’re stuck in the driveway with a dead battery. Don’t let this be your scenario this winter. What's the most reliable auto repair shop where you should go to test or replace your car battery? A battery test at Quality Automotive Servicing is a good way to find out how much life is left in your battery and if it will handle the oncoming cold temperatures of a winter at 6000 feet in Truckee. “When the engine is cold and a lot of the tolerances are tighter, it's harder for the starter to turn the engine over," says Truckee Auto Service Manager Mark Jacobson.

A cold engine needs the power of a high quality heavy duty battery. When Truckee and Lake Tahoe temperatures dip and go sub zero, a discount battery just won’t do. Your trusted local auto care repair shop in Truckee sells ACDelco batteries that will get you out the door and on the road this winter, even on the coldest mornings, so you can get your kids to school, go to work or more importantly, get first tracks in the freshies. You can trust the pros at Quality Automotive Servicing to correctly install the battery, clean the connections and dispose of the used battery in a jiffy.

Car Under The Snow