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Does the Type of Oil in Your Truckee Vehicle Used Matter?

Oil Type

Does Premium Oil Matter for Truckee drivers?

Absolutely. Oil lubricates vital engine components, so using the best oil provides better protection and ultimately longer life of your engine. Driving at altitude makes using a quality product even more important as engines are taxed and climbing hills revs up the RPM. Higher temperatures require a lubricant that can hold up. Just as important is using a quality oil filter. A filter keeps contaminants from cycling through the engine. A lower quality product commonly used at a “Value Oil Change” depot just can’t hold up. Think of the last time you accidently purchased one-ply toilet paper or cheap paper towels and the performance you received from that value product - definitely not a great experience ... Additionally, be sure you are getting the correct weight of oil as specified by the owners manual. You can trust Quality Automotive Servicing to know the correct product as specified for you vehicle and to use a premium product such as Castrol Motor oil.

Quality Automotive Servicing also provides a premium oil service that includes a multi-point inspection. You've taken the time to maintain your vehicle with a regular oil change, take advantage of this to also find out about what's going on with your vehicle. Whether it's peace of mind that everything looks good or the opportunity to plan for future repairs that may be needed, a Quality Automotive Premium Oil Service will give you the knowledge you need.

Imports Require Special Oil Products

If you own a European import such as a Mercedes, Volkswagon, Audi, BMW, or Range Rover high performance vehicle, chances are your vehicle requires a special oil type not used at any quick stop oil change station. Not only can using the wrong oil cause engine damage, it could void your warranty. Even dealerships have been known to not use the correct oil, so become educated on the requirement for your specific vehicle and trust Quality Automotive Servicing to do the same.


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