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10 Tips For Finding The Right Shop For You & Your Vehicle

Looking for a place to service your car in Truckee or North Lake Tahoe?  Look to your local Partner in Auto Care, Quality Automotive Servicing at 11500 Donner Pass Road in central Truckee. View our "Passion Statement" at the bottom of this blog. 

Vehicle Maintenance & Repair - Investment or Expense?

If you were to pick between investing money in an asset or dishing out cash for an expense, which would you choose? 

Well, your vehicle is one of your biggest investments and it requires attention, expertise and continued investment so that it doesn't end up a series of repairs and expenses.  

At Quality Automotive Servicing we also see your cars, trucks, SUVs and vans as an investment. One that you would like to be dependable and last a long time. Our professional team works with customers on issues and expert preventative maintenance so you can enjoy your car for miles to come. 



Ten things to consider when looking for a shop that's a good fit for you and your vehicle. 

  1. Find a shop close-to-home for ALL your service needs. A local shop that gets to know you and your car. A shop that has a good warranty and can get you on the schedule in an emergency. When you establish a relationship with Quality Automotive Servicing for all your service, we will “Go The Distance” for you and your vehicles. 
  2. Find a shop that hires and supports local employees, is part of the community and has a remarkable reputation. A locally owned shop is your neighbor, local volunteer and contributes to the local economy and local causes. There is no one more trustworthy than a neighbor that has been in business serving the community for decades. Check out the thousands of five-star reviews on the QAS web site at www.QualityAutomotiveServicing.com/reviews.
  3. A mountain shop will know the needs of mountain-driven cars and the extra maintenance they require. The rigors of altitude driving puts intense strain on every vehicle system especially SUVs and trucks, many that are also towing trailers. Don’t be tempted by an off-mountain shop that will claim to be cheaper by short cutting premium service or using less quality parts, fluids and filters.  
  4. Choose a shop that welcomes you and respects you with clear communication and service solutions. A professional shop will explain and help prioritize each service or recommendation and keep you informed on the progress.
  5.  If you’re a woman and want to work with a woman, choose a shop that hires and promotes women in the industry. See the women who have made a career at QAS here
  6. Choose a shop that has a relationship with suppliers and sources OEM & quality parts that are warrantied and specific for your vehicle. You want your service or repair to stand up to mountain driving. Off brands and discount parts may be cheaper but will cost you money, time and headaches in the long run. 
  7. Respect the hourly rate of the shop. Shops charge an hourly rate that reflects their level of service, investment in technical equipment, professionalism and expertise of the technician and team. 
  8. Choose a shop that begins any service for an engine malfunction light or drivability issue with professional diagnostic testing. Only an professional technician with expertise in diagnostic repair can accurately pinpoint the true source of an issue. Proper diagnostic testing can actually save you time and money on unnecessary or incomplete repairs. 
  9. Find a shop that is convenient and offers ways to make it easy to keep current on preventative maintenance. At QAS we offer pre-schedule appointments, night drop off, concierge pick-up/delivery, courtesy rides and low-cost rental cars. All so you can go about your day with minimal inconvenience. 
  10. Choose a shop that performs an inspection. Vehicle performance and dependability depends on having a look around at every service. Inspection can give you peace of mind that the next 3000 miles will be smooth sailing. Inspection puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to budget for future maintenance or repairs. A professional inspection could save you from a roadside disaster.  

Quality Automotive Servicing is an established full-service shop in Truckee, CA.  We don't just have a mission statement, we have a Passion Statement... 

Passion Statement:

We go beyond the obvious to educate every customer with full disclosure and transparency.  So, you, the advisor, and the technician can find the best solution to keep your vehicle reliable for years to come.  

Our business:

-Maintains a clean work & customer environment

-Commits to individual & team training

-Invests in our community