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Full Circle Community Support

We at Quality Automotive Servicing in Truckee believe in giving back to the community in which we live, work, and play. Over the years through donations, volunteerism, board service and even local taxes, the owners of Quality Automotive Servicing have invested in this community. The QAS team has coined a term that describes this commitment - Full Circle Community Support (FCCS). Full Circle Community Support does not start or end with our commitment to make an impact on our community. It’s a full circle of business supporting community and community supporting business. Let me say this as simplistically as I can. When consumers in the community spend their dollars locally, the money stays and recirculates in the community through jobs, investment and donations to non-profit organizations that are tirelessly working to make Truckee/Lake Tahoe a better place to live. On the flip side, money spent off the mountain, never comes back to our community.

If you benefit from the donations of local business, you should be thanking them by being a customer.

Full Circle Community Support became a real thing when we met with a few community sports organizations in town to brainstorm how we could work in a full circle. Not only did we come up with a number of ideas how they could help us as a business supporter, but there was a number of ideas that we as a company could do beyond being just a financial supporter. We loved this collaboration and from these meetings came “Full Circle Friday”. You can find out more on our Facebook page or use the hashtag #fullcirclecommunitysupport. Please like the page and follow us while you are there.

Quality Automotive Servicing invites you, your business and your organization to practice “FCCS” by supporting local causes, volunteering, and investing in the community with your consumer dollars.

If you, your business or your non-profit is practicing the notion of Full Circle Community Support, feel free to use the #hashtag. If you would like the logo or a sticker to show your commitment to community, you may request it by contacting [email protected].