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Greasy VS Geeky - Technology Makes A Difference

“Automotive repair is getting a bit less greasy and a bit more geeky, as tablet computers become the most valuable tools on a technician's workbench” writes Cherise Threewit on the How Stuff Works website.

"There is no doubt that the shop that can keep up on technology is the one that is going to be able to care for you and your vehicle the best." Bill Greeno, Owner Quality Automotive Servicing.

Reading The Trouble Code

When you visit the shop with a check engine light, the service advisor will hook up a computer to read the “trouble code”. This gives the technician an idea of where to begin the diagnosis. The code does not tell the technician what the problem is but only what system on the vehicle to begin the diagnosis. It takes a highly trained and experience technician and a series of tests, test drives and inspections to properly diagnose the vehicle issue and provide the correct repair. It is false thinking to think that by having trouble code, you have a diagnosis of the problem.

Digital Inspection

A digital inspection is a “must have” for today’s car owners, especially when driving in the mountains of Truckee and Lake Tahoe. This is a free inspection at Quality Automotive Servicing that we call the Red Check Inspection. We take a look at many systems and components on the vehicle and provide a text report so you have an easy to read visual report. You can review this with the Service Advisor and decide any issues that are in need of immediate attention and plan for service needed down the road. Small issues can quickly turn into a major repair if it goes unnoticed. The digital inspection may give you information that could save you thousands of dollars in repair bills.

We admit it; our technicians sometimes don't have all the answers. That's why we subscribe to various on-line resources where we can research archived information about uncommon issues on the toughest questions. We also can inform you of any recalls and service bulletins on your vehicle.