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Have An Emergency Auto Repair?

Having car problems when you are on vacation in Truckee is frustrating. We understand how troublesome it is to be stranded in the mountains. We are here to help you negotiated your vehicle troubles and repairs so you can continue with your life. However, we are a mountain town and patience is required. Please review the following so you know what to expect. 

Quality Automotive Servicing is locally owned and operated. We are open Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm and closed noon to 1 pm.  There is a key drop available for dropping off during closed hours.  We are closed during holiday periods. 


QAS is a full-service shop providing dealership level-service and repairs. However, during large weather events and holiday seasons it may take longer to complete your service/repair.  Please review the following five items. 


1. All services are by appointment. We will do our best to look at your vehicle as soon as a mechanic/technician is available. This could be a soon as the same day or up to 48 business hours. Additional time may be required for diagnostic evaluation & to receive parts. Road closures and holidays will affect this timeline. 

2. Parking is reserved for customers. You will be charged a $85 per day storage fee if you leave your vehicle and do not service/repair it with QAS. If you do not pick up your vehicle or leave your vehicle more than 24 hours from the service, you may be charge for storage. 

3.We do not perform body work. See 2.

4.QAS is not responsible for damage to the vehicle due to weather, snow removal equipment, theft or damage from towing. Do not park your vehicle in front of the dumpsters or bay doors. Park by the red flags on the east side of the parking lot. 

5. We are a full-service shop. There will be an inspection and diagnostic charge for services performed. We do not accept American Express or personal checks.  

The good news is, QAS is a full-service shop of expert technicians and a superstar service team. We have over 2000 five-star reviews from customers.  We do our job best with customers that are considerate and respectful. Please recognize that we are here to help you negotiated your situation and get you back out on the road. This all works smoothly with human kindness and patience. 

Again, we understand it's an emergency. If you can't work with us respectfully we encourage you to find a shop in Reno (to the east) or Sacramento (to the west).  

Get to know us and make an appointment at www.QualityAutomotiveServicing.com

Located in Truckee, CA at 11500 Donner Pass Road (between the TDPUD and Arbor Board House).  Call us at (530) 448-8532. 


Happy New Year!


The Team at QAS