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Healthy Car - Healthy Family - No Contact Vehicle Service - Keeping your car sanitary

It's times like these that you need a safe and reliable car. There are things you can do to be sure your car is sanitary and in working order so you can depend on it.

First here is what we are doing to keep our employees working and supporting their families while protecting them and our customers from Covid-19.

  1. “No contact” outside secure key drop & pick up boxes available.
  2. Four customers courtesy cars cleaned and sanitized after each use. Treated with A.R.- 17 (see below about this service for your car).
  3. We will accommodate customers with a pick up/delivery of their vehicle or we can provide a ride home.
  4. Single use pens and regular cleaning of counters, surfaces, and customer keys. Our technicians always wear gloves when moving your vehicle in and out of the shop.
  5. We have purchased the newest Dyson Pure Cool Cryptomic air purification system for the customer reception area (with virus filtration).

Here are a few things you can do for your vehicle and your health.

  1. An A.R.-17 cleaning of the AC and recirculating air system. Mold and bacteria collect in the system over time and can cause unclean air to recirculate in the vehicle. This cleaning uses the same base ingredient as hand sanitizer. Smell dissipates in a few days but this is not recommended for those who are sensitive to orders.
  2. Change the cabin air filter. The cabin air filter collects mold, pollen, dust and even rodent hair and droppings. Mountain driven vehicles should have the air filter replaced every 12 months. This is part of our ServicePlus service.
  3. Change out those old windshield wipers. More snow is on the way and clear vision while out on the roadways is a safety concern.
  4. Consider a fuel and oil additive for the best performance. This is mandatory for vehicles that sit for long periods of time. Fuel additives are part of our ServicePlus premium oil service.
  5. Check your battery charge. This might be the time for a premium battery so your vehicle starts when you need it.
  6. Have your check engine light properly diagnosed. If you are driving with the check engine light on, there could be more going on than you think. Any number issues, some very serious, will cause the check engine to alert you of a problem. Unfortunately, there is just one light but there could be many compounding issues. This could put you and your car at risk of major engine damage. Pulling the trouble code and assuming that there are not bigger issues that can develop is dangerous. Only a diagnostic technician can fully diagnose your vehicle issues and assure your vehicle is road ready.