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High School Students Learn Car Maintenance

How much do you know about checking your engine oil, brake fluid, transmission oil and power steering fluid?

Probably not more than these students from Truckee and North Tahoe High Schools who are now smarter about inspecting vital fluids, as well as other important vehicle maintenance items. The “Don’t Blow Up Your Car Seminar” was hosted by Quality Automotive Servicing service specialist Gary Gunter in an effort to introduce new drivers to the need to be aware of what is going on under the hood. “Driving is more than turning left and right.

New drivers need to be familiar with simple maintenance and inspection items in order to keep them safe and avoid damaging their investment,” says Gunter. Provided as a free service, Gunter claims that this seminar is an important part of new driver education. Young drivers are generally unfamiliar with how a vehicle functions and often ignore warning signs of a vehicle malfunction. “We have heard too many stories of kids going off to college, ignoring maintenance, or not checking things such as engine oil and then blowing up their engine on the way home for holiday” says shop owner Bill Greeno who also has a new driver in the house. “The kids don’t want to learn it from parents, give them to Gary for an hour and they will suddenly start taking an interest and becoming more aware.

The one-hour invested in learning some important information could save new drivers, car owners and parents thousands in repair bills. Whether your vehicle is a Subaru, Toyota or German Import like Audi, this seminar will make any driver more knowledgeable about maintenance. Interested attendees should call Gary Gunter at Quality Automotive Servicing at to reserve a spot. All participants receive a Car Care booklet from the Car Care Council as well as a few other usable items.