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It's Dark Out There: Increase Your Vision on The Roadway


My neighbor's daughter was driving carefully that night, watching for deer and other animals on the roadway.  But out of the dark crossed a coyote and her pup.  A thousand pounds of Toyota and her were about to collide.  Luckily she zipped across the road to safety.  Was it luck or animal instinct?

Daylight savings time ends November 1st and days will become shorter and shorter.  Daylight is yielding to darkness and poorly lit mountain roads can be hazardous for your vehicle and wildlife. For your safety and the life of an animal out on the roadway, it’s important to have bright headlights.   

Over the years of use, headlights will loose clarity and hinder your long distance view on dark Sierra roads such as Highway 89 toward Squaw Valley.  The result could be deadly for a neighborhood pet or wild animal.  Add in a little snow and it might be impossible to see a dangerous hazard in the roadway. 

There is no dashboard light indicating to you that your headlights are no longer safe.  Since, the deterioration of a headlight beam happens so slowly,  you may not even realize you have decreased visibility. 

One solution to this problem is a headlight refinishing service at Quality Automotive Servicing.  This is one of the many services we can recommend to keep you safe on the mountain roads in Truckee and surrounding mountain roads.  

With clear vision and bright headlights, this driver would have seen the coyote sooner.  As it turns out, she was able to avoid the mom and her pup.  But if she wasn't, it would have probably been a terrifying experience.  She was lucky there was not another driver headed in the opposite direction. 

Clear vision down the road can not only save the life of an animal, it could save you from a collision that could result in injury and costs thousands of dollars in repairs.  You can prepare your vehicle for dark nights by adding a headlight restoration to your next service.

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