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Lifetime Fluids Not So Lifetime

If you’ve purchase a car and have been told that it has “lifetime fluids” know that this does not mean that you never have to change the fluids. The term “lifetime fluids” is not what it appears. This is a “tricky” term invented by the car manufacturers to imply that the various fluids in your vehicle don’t need changing. The car dealerships use this wording to sell you a car that they say has a “low cost of ownership” or is “maintenance free”. There is nothing further from the truth.

Here’s the hard fact; we diagnosis vehicles every day that have vehicle problems related to dirty fluids. Many have only been seen at dealerships and most all are issues that could have been avoided with regular service attention at an independent repair shop. An independent shop like Quality Automotive Servicing will have your best interest in mind and share your vision of keeping your car on the road for a long time. It’s no secret; the dealership mission is to sell you a new car every five to seven years.

You Decide What is the Lifetime of Your Vehicle?

You can decide and plan for what is the “lifetime” for your vehicle. Do you want to keep it for 50,000 miles or 150,000 miles? Our expert team takes into account how you drive, how much you drive and where you drive. Mountain driven vehicles require more maintenance due to roads, weather and altitude. So if you plan on keeping your vehicle for a longer "lifetime", it’s imperative that you have a shop like Quality Automotive Servicing on your side.

Here are some of our recommendations: Note that not all vehicles have the same requirements so a range for service is recommended.

  • Transmission 30,000-50,000 miles
  • Engine oil every 5000-6000 miles
  • Engine coolant every 30,000
  • Brake fluid every 2 years
  • Power steering fluid every 30,000 miles
  • Differential fluids every 30,000 miles

Taking Your Service Beyond the Owner’s Manual

Your auto is full of moving parts that wear and leave behind debris and deposits. Filters do not remove all these particles or can become clogged. The quickest way to problems costing thousands of dollars in repair is to neglect vital fluid changes. We won’t let that happen at Quality Automotive Servicing. We take your service beyond your “Owners Manual” so that you can depend on your vehicle for years to come.

We invite you to make QAS your dealership alternative for factory maintenance and all your service. Our expert team will make your vehicle dependability and longevity our first priority. We are happy to speak with you about your concerns or needs on servicing your vehicle. Please give us a call at 530-587-1933.