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Love Your Motor Monday

When was the last time you checked your oil? If you had to think about it, it’s probably time! Most people who get regular oil services don’t check their oil level. I’m here to tell you that all vehicles use oil differently and some models like Subaru may run dangerously low on oil between changes. Know that many vehicles burn oil on a regular basis and depending on how much you drive, where you drive, and how long in between oil services you go, you may need to check your oil to avoid damaging your engine. If you drive a European Import like BMW, Audi, Mercedes or Volkswagen you need to be especially aware that you and your service provider are using the correct “specialty” oil.

Your engine runs off the oil we put into it, the same way our bodies use water to hydrate us. So what happens to our body when we get dehydrated? We get sluggish, worn down and don’t function efficiently. The same thing happens with our vehicle’s engine! When your car is low on oil not only is it not operating at its best, it is actually working harder to perform its duties resulting in components wearing faster. In the mountains, we drive our cars in conditions that require more maintenance and oil servicing is one of those areas.

Checking your oil in between your oil services is a great way to notice if your vehicle is losing oil faster than it should. Discovering that you have an oil leak while on a road trip or vacation is never a fun experience. The oil your vehicles run on is also not intended to last forever! It breaks down over time, and in the extreme conditions we live in, components not being lubricated efficiently can potentially cause costly engine repairs.

Unexpected issues can happen to our vehicles in between our regular oil services but checking your oil on a monthly basis is the easiest form of preventive maintenance.

Here at QAS, we are declaring every first Monday of the month “Love Your Motor Monday" to remind you to check your oil! Whether you know how to check it yourself or would like to be shown how to, come on in to Quality Automotive Servicing and let us help! We will happily have someone check your oil just like the old days at your local gas station. Have a new driver in the household? Send them our way and we will get them started on the road to proper engine maintenance and hopefully avoid an unexpected engine meltdown. Our goal is to help educate our customers on their vehicles oil consumption so they can make smart decisions for their vehicle when we aren’t just around the corner. Whether you check it yourself or stop by and have us do it for you, put the first Monday of the month on your calendar and you will be taking steps toward good habits that may save you a bundle of money down the road.

If you’ve noticed, we changed our name. We removed the “smog” and added “servicing”. We want you to be fully aware that “service” of vehicles is what we do best. We will still perform your CA smog test and we invite you to depend on us for ALL your service and repair needs.

~The QAS Team “We go the distance”