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Love Your Vehicle and It Will Love You Back

Happy Valentines Day. Here are three ways in Truckee you can love your vehicle so it will love you back.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the most important thing you can do for your car to guarantee it’s ability to keep taking you on adventures near and far. When you love your car by performing regular maintenance that includes an inspection like the ServicePlus Red Check Inspection at Quality Automotive Servicing, your car will love you back. Take away the worry of wondering what comes next and let QAS identify any issues or service needs on your beloved car. Every service includes a Red Check Inspection so you can make smart and loving decisions about your vehicle maintenance.

Manufacturer Recommended Services

Make your true love happy and build a strong relationship with Quality Automotive Servicing by doing all your manufacturer recommended services with our expert team. Dealerships will tell you that services have to be performed with them but this is simply not true. Stick with a neighborhood shop that knows about mountain maintenance of cars. At Quality Automotive Servicing we always your best interest in mind and will love your car like it is our own. Call us to discuss any maintenance issues you may be experiencing before you call the dealership. We really love cars so we enjoy hearing about yours.

Treat You Beloved to a Car Wash

In Truckee and Lake Tahoe car washing and detailing is one of the most overlooked ways to love your vehicle. Not only is it important to care for the mechanics of your vehicle, washing and detailing your vehicle increases longevity of the vehicles body. Sand, salt and all the elements your beloved vehicle is exposed to every day is not good for the paint or body. We recommend a good washing every few weeks and even more during winter’s assault on your vehicle.

Waxing and detailing is also important and provides a protective coat for your vehicle to guard against sticky bugs and bird droppings. Detailing your vehicle keeps your interior spiffy and makes for a more enjoyable ride for you to love your vehicle.