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Make Your Vehicle New Again With Shocks and Struts

Trailer Towing

“Thank you Quality Automotive Servicing. We recently had our shocks and struts replaced at your Truckee location during our regular service on our GMC truck. We then loaded up the family and the trailer and drove to Monterey for Spring Break. Can’t tell you how much better our truck handled. But what really impressed me was when we hit sudden traffic in Auburn, the braking response with all that weight behind me saved us from running up on the car in front. Truly it was a lifesaver. My truck has just over 60,000 miles, but now feels like new again.” B. Lidster

Whether you are driving dirt and washboard roads or strictly pavement, shocks and struts wear out over the lifetime of a vehicle. You may not even notice the change in handling characteristics as these components become less effective. By replacing worn equipment with new Bilstein shocks and struts, your vehicle will become more responsive and comfortable to drive. More importantly, as you heard about from our Quality Automotive Servicing customer, braking response in traffic could save you.

The purpose of shocks and struts is to keep tires in contact with the road surface. As they wear, tires bounce and loose grip resulting. Steering and handling is affected and braking is less responsive. Replacing worn components restores the ride control and handling the vehicle demonstrated to when it was new. Vehicle tire wear will benefit from new shocks and struts as well as potential wear of other steering and truck, SUV or car suspension components.

Your vehicle, how you drive, the surface of roads you drive and if you are towing, will all effect when it is a good time to invest in new shocks and struts. Check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer recommendation or contact a service technician at Quality Automotive Servicing for advice.