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Mother's Day Gifts For Your Wife - Slightly Suggestive Suggestions

Mother's Day Gift

How about a new car for Mom for mother’s day? While a new car might not be in your budget, there are some things you can do to make her car feel like new again. Here are ten “somewhat suggestive” suggestions that will help bring that tired vehicle back into the shape it was when new.

  1. Headlights get pitted and dim with all the sand and dirt on our roadways. New Halogen headlights will light up her night and maybe yours too. It’s also keeps her safe and able avoid hazards on the road. Specially ordered and installed at Quality Automotive Servicing or DIY with a headlight restoration kit available at O’Reilly’s Auto Parts.
  2. A thorough detailing of a vehicle inside can be a thoughtful gift. She tidies up the house, you can take care of the car. Be sure that deep cleaning includes the build up of crumbs between the seats, juice stains on the carpet and dog hair that sticks to the carpet. Don’t want to do it yourself? Call Mark at Crossroads Carwash at 587-5751. Either way, she will appreciate the thought. Don’t forget the “new car smell” deodorizer.
  3. Trading in an old radio unit for one that integrates with an iPod, iPhone or satellite radio, and includes a Bluetooth connection for a cellphone, will keep your woman ihappy. And when she’s happy, you’re happy. Contact Russ at Carlson Electronics at 587-1430.
  4. All those little dents that were not worth repairing, can be handled easily fixed without visiting a body shop. Check out The Ding Pro at 530-906-0755. She will adore her new body and you will too.
  5. MotorVac system cleaning. Over time a vehicle looses power due to dirty build up in the fuel injectors and other components. A MotorVac system cleaning will restore the power the vehicle had when it was new. Visit Quality Automotive Servicing and see if she feels the difference in her drive.
  6. Trade out those tired and brittle blades for new ones. She will see clearly that you care about her and be reminded of it each thunderstorm. We have a selection of new blades at Quality Automotive Servicing.
  7. Replacing tired shocks and struts can make a huge difference in the way a car drives. These items wear out gradually over time so she might not even notice that the vehicle is bouncing down the road or sluggish on corners. She’ll let you know how much she likes her new smooth, responsive ride. And as a bonus, braking efficiency is increases.
  8. New tires can improve the performance, quietness and ride of a vehicle. Save the winter tires for snow and invest in some smooth riding summer rubber. Check out Stones Country Tire in Pioneer Center, 530-587-7107.
  9. Car seats cold in the winter, hot in the summer? Seat covers could be the answer. She might like a zebra print for summer and sheepskin for winter and will thank you all year long.
  10. A Quality Automotive Servicing plate frame signifies she is a Red Check Club member. She gets an extended warranty on all work, free local towing in an emergency a free day of skiing and other specials especially for club members.