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MotorVac Saves You Money on Gas

Save on gas and increase your engine efficiency with a MotorVac cleaning from Quality Automotive Servicing. High concentrations of carbon deposits accumulate in the fuel injection system, intake valves, combustion chambers, oxygen sensor and catalytic converter. The build up of this “gunk” hampers your engine performance and shortens the life of all the components involved. MotorVac is not a solvent, but a detergent cleaning, making it environmentally friendly. This service will clean out the carbon buildup in your emissions system, fuel system and catalytic converter. Customers who have had a MotorVac cleaning rediscover the power in their engine for towing and everyday driving in our mountain environment. You will find your engine runs smoother and starts up with ease. Best of all, in these days of increasing gas prices, you will save at the pumps. Watch this video for an explanation but don't laugh how they lament about the cost of gas at $2.80 per gallon.

Watch the MotorVac Video