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Mountain Braking

In our high altitude mountain environment, your car , SUV and truck brakes take a beating. Driving in dusty conditions, freezing temperatures, and on steep grades takes a toll on all brake components. All these severe environmental conditions individually are tough on a vehicle. Now put them all together on a mountain road and you have some real challenges for your braking system. Brake pad wear, rotor warping, squeaks and grinding noises are all the result of every day braking in our severe environment. So when it’s time to replace any of these components, it’s important to visit a shop that now only knows brakes, but will install a quality product that will hold up to these severe conditions. For example, a brake pad sold for a Honda Civic in Sacramento will not be beefy enough for a heavier SUV or truck in Truckee. The bottom line is, if you choose an economy brake job, you will receive an economy product which will wear easily to a daily commute on Northwoods Boulevard or Highway 267. When considering having your brakes inspected or replaced, be sure you are getting the best warranty and use a shop that you can visit easily if there is a problem. Quality Automotive Servicing is that shop for Truckee and North Lake Tahoe. From the best parts to the most highly trained technicians, Quality Automotive Servicing will get you where you are going and make sure you can stop when you get there. Our service says it all at Your Trusted Local Auto Care.