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Oil Change: Why Quick & Cheap Is Not Better

It's easy to think that keeping up on regular oil changes is all your vehicle needs. While regular oil & filter changes are important, at Quality Automotive Servicing in Truckee, we know your vehicle needs more. Let me tell you a true story.

My friend has regular oil changes at a “Quick” lube in Reno. Recently he headed to Moab to meet some friends for mountain biking. In eastern Nevada, a belt broke and he became stranded. But that wasn’t the worst of it. When the belt broke, it flung around under the hood and put a hole in the radiator. While all his radiator fluid leaked out, he stood on the side of the road wondering if he even had cell service. While he was seeking bars, and not the drinking kind, he discovered the closest shop that could do the work in a day was in Salt Lake City. He was towed, at his expense, to Salt Lake City where he put his trust in a shop he didn’t know. He purchased a new radiator and belt at considerable expense.

This was unfortunate for my friend who not only delayed his trip, but had an unnecessary expense of a new radiator. By taking his car to a “quickie” and “cheap” oil change he missed the opportunity to find out about the cracked belt and any other issue that could cause trouble out on the road. The service person, not an expert in vehicle maintenance, never looked beyond what it took him 10 minutes to accomplish.

At Quality Automotive Servicing of Truckee we are a full-service, solution-based vehicle maintenance and repair shop. You depend on your vehicle every day for work and play and with our proactive and "solutions" approach to maintenance and repair your are better prepared to "go the distance".

An oil change is the most basic of preventative maintenance. While regular oil changes are important they are not enough to keep you on the road and trouble-free. At Quality Automotive Servicing we believe in being proactive and aim to prevent unexpected repairs or break downs for our customers. This is why we offer a premium oil service over a "quickie" oil change. We never want a customer to be stranded on the side of the road or to have an unexpected and unnecessary repair.

For a premium ServicePlus oil service at QAS we will request the vehicle for at least ½ the day. This allows for an expert technician, one who knows the entire workings of your vehicle, to not only change the oil but also make a complete inspection. We want to alert you to any trouble so you can a make smart decision about maintenance. This inspection also allows drivers to plan and budget for future maintenance and repairs.

"We know that vehicles that have not been properly maintained will develop undetected issues and need repairs. When these repairs stack up, the cost to repair can exceed the value of the vehicle leaving the owner with some difficult decisions." Gary Gunter, General Manager

At Quality Automotive Services of Truckee, we schedule our ServicePlus oil service by appointment. We welcome customers who are interested in “preventative maintenance” and trust us to do all their servicing. If you are wanting your vehicle to last for miles to come, we invite you to partner with us on maintenance, service and repairs.

To avoid unnecessary and inconvenient repairs and get real solutions for the future of your vehicle, we invite you to call us at 530-587-1933. We are conveniently located at 11500 Donner Pass Road in central Truckee. You won't find a more convenient, professional team in Truckee for your vehicle maintenance. For most everything under the hood and factory services too, we go the distance, so your vehicle will also go the distance.