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Our new name is Quality Automotive Servicing

You may have heard that we have changed our name to Quality Automotive Servicing. We want everyone to know that above all else we perform top quality servicing and repairs for your car, truck, SUV, and Sprinter Van. QAS is your dealership alternative for manufacturer services (30K, 60K 90K), oil service, maintenance and repairs. We've changed our name, but we haven't changed the quality service we provide for our customers. And we still perform smog checks and DMW paperwork process daily.

Here are a few successful companies that have gone through a name changed to become successful companies.

BackRub - Google

Brad's Drink - Pepsi

Blue Ribbon Sports - Nike

DriveUrSelf - Hertz

AuctionWeb - Ebay

Pete's Super Submarines - Subway

Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo - Sony

Datsun - Nissan