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Team Work Makes the Difference

“We are so proud of this amazing QAS team.The opportunity for our employees to achieve both professional and personal growth and build teamwork is vital to our business and their lasting role in it." Bill & Sheila Greeno, Owners Quality Automotive Servicing, Truckee

Quality Automotive Servicing (formerly Quality Automotive and Smog) in Truckee has owners who care about employee development and growth. Over the past decade, Bill and Sheila Greeno, have earmarked President's Day as an annual opportunity for the team to get together and work on personal/professional development and team building. The couple recognizes that a company culture of cooperation, growth and personal development is vital to a successful business. This past weekend, the group took the day to review the CliftonStrengths model that they have been using for the past eight years. Working with Tahoe City CliftonStrengths consultant, Susan Giacobazzi, the team dug deeper to explore their personal strength profiles, each co-workers profile and how everyone works together as a successful team.

“This team is amazing! They are so invested in providing excellent work for their customers, for each other, and for the success of the business as a whole. They are fully engaged in learning about themselves and their co-workers so they can be peak performers every single day. I love that they see this investment in understanding the variety of personality types as a worthwhile (and fun!) endeavor. Not only are they some of the hardest working people I’ve worked with on team development, but they also are great human beings. As a bonus, they manage to make hard work incredibly enjoyable.” Susan Giacobazzi owner of LoveYour5 and local consultant for CliftonStrengths.

CliftonStrengths (formerly StrengthsFinder) is an on-line assessment that highlights each employee’s list of natural talents. It provides a list of 34 possible strengths that all humans have, and puts them in the order that’s unique to the individual. In the workplace, this tool is an incredible stepping stone in creating an environment where each individual is uniquely positioned to excel. Susan has made this information come to life for our employees through her fun and informative workshops and trainings that are always custom-fit just for the QAS Team. You can learn more about Susan and CliftonStrengths at www.loveyour5.com

The owners of Quality Automotive Services in Truckee are dedicated to the personal and professional development of their team. With an ongoing dedication to team training, including CliftonStrengths, they know this team will take their business into the future with integrity, professionalism and teamwork.