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Top Gift Picks for You and Your Auto This Holiday 2013

Vehicle Armor#10 Vehicle Armor

There will be mud. And snow. And slush. And muck. Husky Liners let us mountain drivers do what we do without worrying about the messy consequences. Price range for Toyota Tundra was $95 - $169 for two front compartment heavy duty liners. Cargo liners available too. Check it out at www.huskyliners.com

70 Piece Explorer Road Assistance #9 AAA 70 Piece Explorer Road Assistance

We learn in grade school to always “be prepared”. You will be one step closer with this emergency roadside kit. There are many to choose from that include booster cables or tow ropes. This one is available at Amazon.com for $49.99, but on sale for 29.00.

Wireless Key Finder#8 Wireless Key Finder

Do you have a spouse who is always loosing the car keys? A key finder might be the answer to those stressful mornings. Brookstone offers wireless key tracker that detects missing keys up to 60' away and features 2 color-coded buttons and key fobs for simple use. There are many products out there so go online and find the one just right for your forgetful one. Ranges from $9.99 to $49.99+.

Accutire Digital Pressure Gauge#7 Accutire Digital Pressure Gauge

Stuff a stocking this holiday with a gift that says safety and savings. The Accutire Digital Pressure Gauge is easy and quick to use. Maintaining the right tire pressure lengthens tire life, saves fuel and enhances safety. Check your tire pressure every month. Available for $15 on Amazon.com and probably on sale.

Remote Start#6 Remote Start

Nothing says Truckee local like a remote start for your vehicle. What better gift to find under the tree as mountain temperatures hit single digits? This clever gadget allows you to turn on the engine and heat from outside the vehicle. Some even let you rig it to work with Siri. Prices range from $79 to $259.

Sheepskin Ice Scraper#5 Sheepskin Ice Scraper

How I wish I had one of these this morning. Soft sheepskin (imitation, couldn’t find the real thing in the US) keeps the hand warm on those frosty Truckee mornings. Priced under $15 and fits in a stocking.

Colorful Silicone Key Fab Cover#4 Colorful Silicone Key Fab Cover

I love these feel good covers in assorted colors. I have the bright orange for finding my key in the darkest hole of a purse, backpack or ski bag. Great stocking stuffers. I found them for Audi, Volkswagen and Honda, but a search for the make of your vehicle will get you to the right page. About $4.00 each.

Metro 12 volt Stainless Steel Hand Vac#3 Metro 12 volt Stainless Steel Hand Vac

If you’re as OCD as I about crumbs in the seats, this vac is for you. Easy, lightweight and quick to use, the Metro 12 volt plugs into the lighter for a quick cleanup, even on the road. On sale for $79.99 now at autogeek.com

Radar Locator with Laser Warning#2 Valentine One® Radar Locator with Laser Warning

#2 Valentine One® Radar Locator with Laser Warning Here’s the perfect gift for your “speedy” spouse. Smart and sensitive but doesn’t go off excessively, this radar detector is a favorite with Bill and Mark (QAS’s owner and service manager). It’s the only detector that tells you where the radar signal is coming from and software updates are available to stay current as new radar technology is developed. $399 at www.valentine1.com

QAS Red Check Club membership#1 QAS Red Check Club membership

A day of skiing or snowboarding on us. With a membership in the Red Check Club customer earn lots of benefits but by far the most exciting is a day at a local resort of your choice. Other benefits include local towing to QAS, an extended warranty of 3 years 36,000 miles and specials throughout the year like car washes and gift certificates. The best thing, it’s completely free when you fly our member license plate frames.