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Traction Control; When to Turn it OFF!

Quality Automotive Servicing of Truckee, CA advises customers when it is helpfull to disable the traction control on their vehicles.   

"The traction control system (TCS) is a safety system that detects when a car's wheel slips and loses grip on the road. The system then automatically slows the slipping wheel's speed. Traction control became standard on every car since 2012. It automatically engages unless turned off." Kelly Blue Book

When Should You Turn Off Your Traction Control?

Driving in mountain weather, there are situations when you don't want the traction control system on your vehicle activated.One common situation for Truckee drivers is if you are stuck in the mud, snow or on ice. If traction control is in the ON position, the spinning tires will engage the traction control and automatically slow the slippage of the tires. This will prevent you from getting out of a sticky situation and leave you frustrated and maybe stuck with a bunch of impatient drivers behind you. When in a situation like this, use your driving expertise over the vehicle's intelligence and turn off the traction control system. 

Two intersections in Truckee that really exemplify the need for having the traction control off are the west end of Glenshire Drive where it ends at Brockway Road and at the stop light on West River Street and Highway 89 South. Both intersections require an uphill start after a stop. Both intersections can be icy after a storm and have heavy traffic in the morning which makes the area even more icy.   

   Where is the traction control button?

Every vehicle has this button in a different place. Look for a button with a few squiggly lines under a set of tires.   Look for an indicator light on the dashboard to tell you whether the system is on or off.  If you can't find the button, simply look in the owners manual of look on YouTube.  

I am not an expert on traction control, just a driver that is sometimes frustrated by it when it prevents me from getting out of a sticky situation. I suggest you experiment with the system so you know how it works when you really need it.  For more information here's a link you can look at; Kelly Blue Book 

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