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What Could Go Wrong?

Memorial Day marks the start of summer travel season. Before you start packing, start preparing with an "Peace of Mind" inspection at QAS. 
Check out Ruth and Roxy's experience that underscores the need for a thorough pre-trip inspection of vital vehicle systems. 
Ruth & Roxy in Trouble on Donner Summit
Ruth along 
with her husband were traveling cross-country towing Ruth's beloved horse, Roxy. With over 20,000 pounds of truck, trailer and horse, the Ford F350 dashboard warning lights lit up as they approached Donner Summit. They were able to safely pull over and have the truck towed to QAS while Roxy and trailer were towed to a local stable. What happened next will impress upon all travelers the need for a pre-trip inspection of the vehicle systems. 
Peace of Mind Inspection
Receive a professional inspection at no cost with any service or repair. You get a report detailing vital information to ensure your safe travels.
At QAS the technicians found that there was a split in a cooling hose causing the engine overheat issue. Moreover, the inspection found that the brake pads were worn beyond what is considered safe, especially for hauling a heavy load. But what they found next was really shocking. 

Inspection with a Smog Test
Receive a professional inspection with a CA smog test for $150. You save $50.
As the brake pads were removed, vital components of the braking system came off in pieces. Had the travelers descended Donner Summit, they likely would have lost braking and control of their rig. Thankfully the QAS team took the time to inspected the entire vehicle and discover the danger. Ruth and Roxy made it across the country for their dressage competition. 

Peace of Mind Inspection w/$50 credit
Opt for a stand alone inspection for $100 and earn a $50 credit toward any recommended repair or service.
Before you PACK for the road, PREPARE for the road. 

This story emphasizes the importance of a professionally performed inspection of your vehicle. After a long winter any number of issues could be hiding under the hood. 
During the "racked" inspection and expert technicians will... 
  • Examine belts, hoses and their connections keeping an eye out for wear  that could lead to unexpected roadside trouble. 
  • Inspect tires & brake pads to gauge wear and ensure safe travels.  
  • Verify the efficiency of the battery charging system to avoid trip interruptions.
  • Test horn, exterior lights, flashers, wiper blades and other important systems to guarantee visibility for yourself and to other road users. 
  • Lift the vehicle and assess the suspension, axels and driveshaft for any potential issues that could leave you stranded and looking for repairs. 
  • Evaluate various fluid levels, check for leaks and gauge the age of the fluid. 
Whether you are traveling across the country or across town, an inspection is important for your safety and the safety of your passengers - human or equine.

Nationwide Warranty While Your Are On The Road
All services at Quality Automotive Servicing come the QAS comprehensive warranty and an additional Nationwide Warranty that covers you on the road. The nationwide warranty covers drivers for vehicle flat tire repair, short distance towing and lockout services. 
Every day we go the distance with our service so you can go the distance. The QAS passion statement says it all. 
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Wishing you safe travels. Please make your appointments three weeks prior to a big trip to assure you travel is not delayed.