When you are looking for interesting information about cars, check out our blog! We strive to entertain and educate Truckee drivers about any and all auto repair related topics, and if you have any other questions, we encourage you to ask the auto mechanics at Quality Automotive Servicing.

What to Expect When You Visit Quality Automotive Servicing


Here is what you can expect as WE GO THE DISTANCE for you at Quality Automotive Servicing in Truckee.  

  1. Expect a friendly and helpful service advisor to handle your service. 
  2. Expect an expert technician experienced in the specific needs of mountain-driven vehicles
  3. Expect a clean, state-of-the art shop with a mission of professional service. 
  4. Expect that you will receive full-service that includes an inspection and a report that will help you  plan for future maintenance and avoid unexpected repairs. Be sure to tell us about any items on the vehicle that are of concern even if they seem minor so that they can be inspected. 
  5. Trust the expertise of the team to source premium "warrantied" parts that are high-quality and specific to your vehicle. 

   What You Can Expect With Quality's ServicePlus

  1. For diagnostics, we go beyond a code reader to uncover underlying issues or related causes. Looking at the entire scope of the repair assures a complete service and accurate estimate.
  2. For maintenance, a future appointment scheduled so you never forget a service or have to wait for an opening. When you get the reminder choose to confirm, change or decline if not yet needed.  
  3. Red Check Club Benefits. There are five benefits we offer including a complimentary day on the slopes by using our California Gold Pass when you sport our free Truckee license plate frames on your vehicle. 
  4. ServicePlus Dividend. Customers receive a 5% dividend on service to use in the future.  
  5. Convenience: Customer courtesy cars are available for only $25 a day or one of our team can give you a lift home. We also have a Truckee concierge service with pick-up & delivery upon request.   
  6. A convenient in-town location and a local shop that wants to be Your Partner in Auto Care.    

Get to Know The Team:  Maggie, Gary, Jamie, Chloe, Josh, Jody, Jack, Kevin, Moira and owners, Bill & Sheila 

What We Ask of You as a Customer

  1. Be respectful of the Quality employee team in your actions and communications. We are here to do great work for you. Trust that we are experts and wish for you and your family to have safe travels. 
  2. Please be patient. Our goal is to get you and your family back on the road in a timely manner. However, diagnostics can take time, repairs take time, and parts delays have slowly become more of an issue. There are many things that are out of our control, but rest assured we have your best interests in mind at all times. 
  3. If you have a problem or issue, please let us know immediately so we can help resolve it. We provide an excellent warranty to ensure our customers are covered in the event of a part failing prematurely. If you are traveling we offer a Nationwide Technet Warranty. Our over 2000 Five Star reviews speak to how our team Goes The Distance for our customers even after they have left our shop. Let us make it right for you!

About Full Circle Community Support & Our Mission to Support Community

Quality Automotive Servicing has been an owner/operator business in Truckee committed to the employee team, our customers and the community. The business and owners value employee advancement and personal/professional growth. In the community they show generosity through donations, volunteerism and  actively involvement in vital issues facing Truckee such as housing, trails, family health and the environment. Find out more about our Full Circle Community Support mission here or on the community page.