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Why Driveline Service is Recommended and What to Expect

Driveline inspections and maintenance is an essential part of keeping your mountain car, truck, SUV or van running strong and keeping your lifestyle moving forward. 

When driveline maintenance is overlooked, not only is it costly to repair but it will dangerous if you lose control of the vehicle.

Simply put, the driveline transfers the power of the transmission to rotate the wheels. If any component is not lubricated with fresh fluids, vital components become worn, damaged or broken and you’ve got some serious troubles taking place.

When should I do this maintenance?

Mountain vehicles drive in 4WD, negotiate steep mountain roads and often carry more weight – work equipment, passengers or towing trailers. A mountain vehicle is taxed more than vehicles driven off the mountain.

To avoid expensive damage don’t ignore the importance of driveline service.  At Quality Automotive Servicing we follow the “severe driving” recommendations from the manufacturer and suggest this service at Major Mileage Service Intervals, 30,0000, 60,0000, 90,0000 and so on. This recommendation may change depending on how, where and what you drive. A driveline service will include

  1. Transmission flush & new fluid
  2. Transfer case flush & new fluids
  3. Front & rear differential flush & new fluids
  4. Differential flush and fluid change: Front & Rear

Don’t Wait Until a Wheel Falls Off

Literally, take care of maintenance as recommended by the professionals at Quality Automotive Servicing. Taking our advice can allow you to avoid most troubles mentioned here.

Vibrating or shaking, especially at high speeds’

Strange noises at high speeds

Resistance while making tight turns

Burning smells from the transmission, warning light or transmission fluid leaking.

If you do experience any of these symptoms, place a call Quality Automotive Servicing before the situation becomes worse and expensive damage to the system is done.

If a repair is needed, common things you may hear from a Quality Automotive Certified technician are worn or broken couplings, universal joints U joints and CV joints. Your professional technician will inspect the joints for tears, splits, leaking lubricant or excessive movement. 

Buying a Vehicle?

It’s important that if you are buying a used car to protect yourself with a pre-buyers inspection that will look at the driveline system. A CarFax report will only tell you about work that has been done, not what has NOT been done.

Even if the owner says he/she has done all the maintenance, it is common for the driveline to be ignored even a dealerships service outlets. So the old owner saved some money and the new owner has the problems associated with lack of maintenance.  ALWAYS GET A BUYERS INSPECTION even if the vehicle is being purchased from a dealership or sales lot.  

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