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Why Your Truckee Auto Requires Premium Mountain Maintenance at Quality Automotive Servicing

Here’s a thought.  How you drive your car, where you drive and how often you drive, directly affects what you should be doing for vehicle maintenance. If you drive in the mountains, you need to be paying special attention to maintenance and develop a relationship with a local shop. 


Here are some recommendations from the folks a Quality Automotive Servicing in Truckee, CA for keeping your mountain vehicle on the road and you getting safely to your next adventure.

1. Invest in quality and expertise. Your vehicle is a big investment and you  want it to last a long time. Look for the best shop, that has highly trained technicians and a service advising team with who you feel comfortable. Likely it will cost a bit more for some services at a premium shop like Quality Automotive Servicing in Truckee. Honestly, that is a good thing. Beware of any shop that is charging less than what the job is worth.  They are likely short-cutting a complete and thorough job, avoiding vital diagnostic testing  that could uncover an underlying issue and using inferior products. Finding the cheapest service may save money upfront, but it is sure to cost you time, frustration and money in the long run.

2. Established a relationship with a premium shop like Quality Automotive Servicing. It helps to have an established report with a local shop, especially when you are having an emergency.  At Quality Automotive Servicing in Truckee we like to get to know you and your vehicle.  Even as our mountain town grows, know that this  “hometown”  team aims to be your partner in auto care. Developing this relationship early by performing all your maintenance services with QAS will make life and vehicle service easier.  Get to know us before you need us on our webpage About Us section.  

3. Don’t be suspicious of an inspection. A qualified technicians can identify potential trouble items when the vehicle is racked. It would be unprofessional of any technician to skip this and let the driver stay unaware of an issue that could result in a dangerous roadside breakdown or unexpected repair.  It is frustrating when customers express distrust for an inspection and don't recognize the importance. We are experts and professionals in our field and It’s our obligation to inform every vehicle owner as to what we may discover.   Ignoring recommendations put the driver, passengers and others on the roadway in danger.    

4. Manufacturers make recommendations on normal driving conditions, but who drives under normal conditions?  Pretty much nobody and certainly not mountain dwellers like us.   Mountain driving is considered “severe driving” and requires stepped up maintenance.  This means more than just changing motor oil more frequently.  Many factors such as roadway grime, altitude and severe weather fluctuations put tremendous  additional wear on every system on the vehicle components.  Are you driving a van loaded with your recreational quiver or towing a trailer?  Every day driving in the mountains has a cumulative effect on your vehicle performance. We love our mountain environment and our lifestyles, but it will take a toll on your vehicle requiring more attention, more service and a shop that GOES THE DISTANCE with mountain maintenance. 


Quality Automotive Servicing is an established full-service shop in Truckee, CA servicing all makes and models. From Euro imports of Audi, BMW and Mercedes to local favorite Toyota, Jeep and Subaru, mountain drivers can depend on the QAS team for premium service and products.  For an appointment or talk with a service advisor, call 530-5897-1933 or log on at www.QualityAutomotiveServicing.com