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Why Your Truckee Auto Needs Full-Service, Premium Mountain Maintenance at Quality Automotive Servicing

Here’s a thought.  How you drive your car, where you drive and how often you drive, directly affects what you should be doing for auto maintenance and repairs.  If you drive in the mountains, your safe travels depends on paying more attention to maintenance and developing a "partner in auto care" relationship with a local shop. 


Here are some recommendations from the certified professionals at Quality Automotive Servicing in Truckee, California.  As authorized and certified mechanic/technicians they know the special needs of mountain-driven vehicles.   

1. Invest in quality and expertise, there is no substitute for it.  Your vehicle is a big investment and you want it to last a long time. Look for the best shop, that has highly trained technicians and a service advising team that will work with you on repair solutions.  At QAS our team is "the best of the best" with a highly trained professional team. As a premium shop, Quality sources only premium parts and always uses the right fluids for your vehicle. Beware of any shop or dealership that is discounting a service as that discount may be coming from work promised and not performed or not completed.  Discounted service also means you are likely getting less quality products and parts, with a limited warranty. What seems to be money saving short-cuts actually in the long run result in spending more money.   on unnecessary repairs which in the long run cost time, frustration and money.  


3. Get an expert diagnosis.  It's common for customers to want to bypass the cost of vital diagnostic testing.  This could cost a car owner time and money when an incomplete repair or the wrong repair is performed. As Truckee's leading automotive repair experts certified in all vehicle repairs, a QAS technical expert will perform a diagnostic service. Complete diagnostic testing can uncover an underlying issue causing the problem or discover the cause of the issue is entirely different than what was thought. Imagine replacing and entire system when in fact the culprit was just a faulty fuse. That customer was pleasantly surprised when a repair they thought would cost hundreds of dollars turned out to be a few dollars. 

3. Established a relationship with a premium shop like Quality Automotive Servicing. Establishing rapport with a local shop with which you are loyal will give you priority if you are having an emergency.  At Quality Automotive Servicing in Truckee we get to our customers and their vehicles.  We believe in  “hometown”  service and aim to be a partner in auto care. QAS is also a partner in the community and supports various local causes.  We call this Full Circle Community Support and it is at the core of our business.   

4. Know that an experts "racked" inspection of your vehicle is the most important information you can have and could save you from an unexpected breakdown or repair. A certified technicians can identify potential trouble items that need immediate attention and what to plan for in the future.  We understand that it can be a surprise to find out their is an issue, but being unaware of a potential issue could spell trouble and effect the safety of the vehicle.  We take our profession seriously and wish you safe travels,  It is obligation as as professionals to inspect and inform.  


4. Manufacturers make recommendations on normal driving conditions, but who drives under normal conditions?  Pretty much nobody and certainly not mountain dwellers like us. Mountain driving is considered “severe driving” and requires stepped up maintenance. This means more than just changing motor oil at more frequent intervals. Many factors such as roadway grime, altitude and severe weather fluctuations put tremendous additional wear on components at every level.  If you are driving a van loaded with your recreational quiver or towing a trailer, the strain on your engine is intense and manufacturer recommendations are just not sufficient to keep you safe. Driving in severe conditions has a cumulative effect on your vehicle performance, so more maintenance and repairs is required.  We love our mountain lifestyles, but it will take a toll on your vehicle. Stick with the shop that GOES THE DISTANCE with mountain maintenance. 


Quality Automotive Servicing is an established full-service shop in Truckee, CA servicing all makes and models. From Euro imports of Audi, BMW and Mercedes to local favorites Toyota, Jeep and Subaru. Mountain drivers can depend on the QAS team for premium, authorized and certified services and products. For an appointment or talk with a service advisor, call 530-5897-1933 or log on at www.QualityAutomotiveServicing.com

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