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Can your Truckee shop do the maintenance on my Audi?

Yes, at Quality Automotive Servicing in Truckee we have an Audi - Volkswagen mechanic on staff with over 25 years of experience in German imports. It is not necessary to visit the dealer for work. When we do your factory scheduled service, your warranty with the manufacturer stays up to date. We also perform repairs and diagnostic services for Audi and VW vehicles



How can you do a "better" brake job with rotor matching?

Increased stopping distance, pulsation or squeaking? These are all signs that your brakes need some attention. The occurrence of brake problems like these (even in as little as 5,000 miles) can be caused by poorly performing brake service equipment and/or improper repair procedures. At Quality Automotive Servicing we have invested in the Pro-Cut Rotor Matching System (RMS) allowing our technicians to perform a better and more affordable brake job. This patented technology matches hubs to rotors directly. The brake lathe attaches to the vehicle’s hub and resurfaces the rotor true to the hub's axis, insuring that the original manufacturer's tolerances are once again achieved. With Pro-Cut's Rotor Matching System technology, your brakes will perform when you need them



I'm driving the family on an extended trip this summer. What do I need to do to prepare my vehicle?

Bring it in for it's oil service and a "pre-trip" vehicle inspection. If there are any maintenance items you have put off, take care of them before you leave. I suggest you take care of this well before your trip so that you are confident that all is in good order and there are no last minute surprises


Summer Vacation

My Check Engine light came on, is it OK to drive?

The diagnostic experts at Quality Automotive Servicing can diagnose and pinpoint why your check engine light is on. There are many sensors and computerized components that manage engine performance and emissions. When these fail, the "check engine" light is illuminated. Although your car may seem to run fine, the light is alerting you that the computer has detected a malfunction in a fuel, ignition, or emission control circuit (the circuit that monitors these systems). You should have the problem diagnosed as soon as possible. If the light starts flashing, your car's computer has detected an engine miss that could lead to severe damage and a breakdown (i.e. catalytic converter damage). For your safety and the vehicle longevity do not continue to drive with the light on. When you call of visit the shop it is helpful to have some information. What were the driving conditions and circumstances when the light first came on? Did it come on shortly after you filled the fuel ... read more

MotorVac Saves You Money on Gas

Save on gas and increase your engine efficiency with a MotorVac cleaning from Quality Automotive Servicing. High concentrations of carbon deposits accumulate in the fuel injection system, intake valves, combustion chambers, oxygen sensor and catalytic converter. The build up of this “gunk” hampers your engine performance and shortens the life of all the components involved. MotorVac is not a solvent, but a detergent cleaning, making it environmentally friendly. This service will clean out the carbon buildup in your emissions system, fuel system and catalytic converter. Customers who have had a MotorVac cleaning rediscover the power in their engine for towing and everyday driving in our mountain environment. You will find your engine runs smoother and starts up with ease. Best of all, in these days of increasing gas prices, you will save at the pumps. Watch this video for an explanation but don't laugh how they lament about the cost of gas at $2.80 per gallon. ... read more