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Monthly Archives: July 2018

While at College...Don't Blow Up Your Engine

While at College...Don't Blow Up Your Engine

If your Truckee or Lake Tahoe student is heading off to college and bringing a vehicle, now is the time to start preparing. As a parent of a future college freshman, I know that there is alot to think about in getting ready to send them off. Sometimes the last thing on the to-do list is the vehicle they may be taking. Here are some hints from the folks at Quality Automotive Servicing that will make your students trip back and forth to school safe and worry free. Have the oil serviced and get an inspection: The last thing you need is for your student to be seeking out a mechanic and dealing with a repair while at school. Before they leave, have the vehicle in for an oil service and complimentary Red Check Inspect at Quality Automotive Servicing. We will rack to vehicle and give it an overall look. You receive a report giving you an idea of the condition of the vehicle and alerting you to any issues. Do this well before they leave so you have time to fix any items that need atte ... read more


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