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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Lifetime Fluids Not So Lifetime

Lifetime Fluids Not So Lifetime

If you’ve purchase a car and have been told that it has “lifetime fluids” know that this does not mean that you never have to change the fluids. The term “lifetime fluids” is not what it appears. This is a “tricky” term invented by the car manufacturers to imply that the various fluids in your vehicle don’t need changing. The car dealerships use this wording to sell you a car that they say has a “low cost of ownership” or is “maintenance free”. There is nothing further from the truth. Here’s the hard fact; we diagnosis vehicles every day that have vehicle problems related to dirty fluids. Many have only been seen at dealerships and most all are issues that could have been avoided with regular service attention at an independent repair shop. An independent shop like Quality Automotive Servicing will have your best interest in mind and share your vision of keeping your car on the road for a long time. It ... read more